Douceur d'enfance" scented wax tablets by Drake
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Douceur d'enfance" scented fondants | Drake Home Fragrances

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Douceur d'enfance" scented fondants, the nostalgia of our younger years

Case dimensions: 6.3 x 6.3 x 1cm approx. Weight: 30g approx.

This scented plant wax tablet can be divided into 4 individually usable melts. Together, they will perfume your space for around 10 days, at a rate of 1h30 of daily diffusion.

Rediscover the magic of childhood with this fresh, gourmand scent featuring notes of bergamot, violet, almond and vanilla, with a final touch of musk. In just a few moments, your living space is filled with a warm, nostalgic ambience, instantly transporting you to the tender world of childhood.

Composition :

Drake Home Fragrances scented melts are made in France and contain exclusively rapeseed vegetable wax, essential oils and fragrances from Grasse. They meet European IFRA (International Fragrance Association) and REACH standards.

Certification IFRA

Fragrance melts: enchanting, practical and economical home fragrances

Let yourself be enchanted by the scents of childhood. Capture the essence of those unforgettable moments and create a cocoon of well-being in your home. Fragrance melts are the hot new trend in the world of home fragrances. Here's how to use them.

Instructions for use:

  • Place a scented fondant in a perfume burner with a lit candle, or in an electric diffuser specially designed for scented wax.
  • The wax liquefies and immediately diffuses its aroma in your room.
  • Leave the wax to heat up until you've achieved the desired fragrance intensity in your space, then switch off the appliance or candle. The scented fondant wax solidifies again.
  • This operation can be repeated several times: each fragrance melter diffuses effectively for around 4 to 5 hours in its liquid state, and preserves its fragrance when it returns to its solid state.
  • When a perfumed fondant has diffused all its fragrance, remove the cooled wax from the diffuser cup, then place a new fondant in it.
Dangerous product - observe precautions for use
Delivery method
Small item (deliverable in envelope)
Object type
Home fragrances
Olfactory families
Fresh, Vegetal, Powdery

Drake Home Fragrance is a belgian company that manufactures all of its products in Europe.

It has built a solid reputation on the market of home fragrances thanks to the excellence of the creations of its master perfumers.

Drake offers you a real olfactory pleasure, but also virtues of the aromatherapy that will help you creating a special atmosphere at home.

All the Drake fragrances are formulated with perfumes from Grasse (France) and pure essential oils. They meet the european standards of IFRA.

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