Empty Glass Container 200ml Golden Collar - Goa Rattan Stem Perfume Diffuser

Empty Glass Container 200ml Golden Collar - Goa Rattan Stem Perfume Diffuser

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Practical and aesthetic!

Dimensions: 7 x 7 x height 10cm. Materials: glass container, golden plastic collar. Sold without perfume.

Classic and timeless,this pretty diffuser blends with all styles of decoration.

Choose the GOA refill of your choice and add the rattan stems: enjoy a pleasant scent in your place of life for several months!

This rattan-stemmed diffuser, also called Goatier, works by capillarity: the rattan stems soak up the scent and diffuse it evenly throughout your interior.

Economical,it works without a source of electricity!

The advantages of capillarity diffusion

The operation by cold capillarity makes it possible to enjoy the advantages of perfume without the disadvantages of combustion.

Economical, it will spread a pleasant perfume in your interior for 3 months! It does not require any form of energy and you can move it in all the rooms of the house according to your desires!

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Home fragrances
Glass, Plastic

Goa: home perfume made in France

With more than 20 years of experience in perfumery, the French brand Goa (a brand of the Clem Goa company) has built a great reputation in the world of home fragrances.

The Coco Papaya team appreciates the design of Goa products as much as the quality of their fragrances: neither too discreet nor heady, Goa scents will elegantly dress up your living spaces by creating a chic olfactory identity, inspired by nature and travel.

The must-have Goatiers and their Goa perfume refills

The Goa brand offers you in particular:

  • Its famous "Goatiers": diffusers with rattan stems combining aesthetics and refinement, with of course the inimitable scents of the brand! Place a goatier in the room of your choice and you will enjoy, for 3 to 4 months, these delicate scents that help to make a room really pleasant.
  • Refills for rattan rod diffusers: is your rattan rod refill, or your rattan rod diffuser from another brand empty? Reuse it by recharging! It's easy and economical. All your favourite Goa fragrances are now available in 250ml or 500ml Parfum Goa refills, and you can even renew rattan stems at the same time.
  • Home fragrance sprays: a simple squeeze and it's fragrant! Perfect for small rooms such as bedrooms or toilets, Goa sprays are also very practical for deodorizing home textiles. Their secret advantage? It's their lifespan: a 250ml Goa spray offers you long months of scent for a reasonable price.

Do you want to combine olfactory and visual pleasure? Try the Goa experience and opt for olfactory decoration !

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