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Maneki Neko Porcelain Cat Money Box - Blue and White
Maneki Neko Porcelain Cat Money Box - Blue and White
Maneki Neko Porcelain Cat Money Box - Blue and White

Piggybank Cat - Maneki Neko en Porcelaine Bleue et Blanche

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Blue & White Japanese Maneki Neko Porcelain Cat Money Box

Dimensions: height 10 x diameter 10cm approx. Materials: porcelain, cotton (necklace) and metal (bell).

We couldn't think of a better way to store your coins and bills than with the famous Cat of Fortune!

Inspired by the traditional Asian symbol, this pretty lucky cat with its smiling face and bell necklace will appeal to all fans of Asian culture and lucky charm collectors! Save your money on a positive note with this pretty piggy bank.

A symbol of prosperity and good luck, but also of purity and joy, this Maneki Neko will bring cheer and good humor to your home decor!

The Cat of Fortune

The Japanese cat Maneki Neko is reputed to bring luck and fortune to its owner! And do you know why?

With its recognizable look, characterized by a raised paw, pointed ears and often golden coloring, the "waving Chinese cat" is widely seen in Chinatowns and Asian stores around the world. Yet, despite its association with Chinese culture, this statuette has its origins in Japan.

Contrary to popular belief, the Maneki Neko, or "inviting cat" in Japanese, does not wave its paw. In Japan, this gesture of the raised hand, palm forward and fingers inclined downwards, is an invitation to approach.

One of the legends surrounding the origins of Maneki Neko centers around Tama, the abbot's cat at Tokyo's Gōtoku-ji temple. During the Edo period (1603 - 1868), a regional leader was saved from lightning by taking refuge in the temple after being invited by Tama. Grateful to the feline, he named the animal patron of the temple, where it has since been venerated in its own shrine.

Near Asakusa, in Tokyo, another legend features the Maru Shime No Neko (lucky cat) of the Imad shrine. Unlike the Maneki Neko, this one is shown seated in profile, with its head turned to one side. The story goes that in 1852, a ruined old lady, forced to abandon her home, was visited in a dream by her cat, who told her to "Create a statuette in my likeness, and I'll bring you luck". Following this advice, she made porcelain cats and sold them at the shrine gates, thus ending her poverty.

These stories illustrate why the Maneki Neko has become a symbol of prosperity and good luck. Discover also our other lucky charms such as semi-precious stone sets and elephants with raised trunks!

Dimensions : hauteur 10 x diamètre 10cm environ. Matière : porcelaine.
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