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Shungite Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
Shungite Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
Shungite Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain

Shungite Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Steel Chain

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Protect yourself from electromagnetic waves with this Shungite necklace

The necklace consists of a chain and a pendant. Total length of the chain approx. 50cm (material: stainless steel). Dimensions of the stone (excluding bail) 2x2cm approx. (may vary slightly). Bail 5mm approximately. Natural Shungite pendant from the lakes of Karelia.

Natural stone: The size and shape of the pendant may vary slightly from the models pictured. The different pendants visible in the 2nd photo testify to the possible variants.

This Shungite necklace is an elegant and protective piece of jewelry, consisting of a silver stainless steel chain and a Shungite pendant. Shungite is a rare and powerful stone, known for its protective properties against electromagnetic waves and negative energies.

  • Protection against electromagnetic waves : Shungite has the property of absorbing and neutralizing waves emitted by electronic devices such as computers, mobile phones and Wi-Fi networks. This makes it a stone of choice for people who work in high-tech environments or are sensitive to the effects of electromagnetic waves.
  • Protection from negative energies : Shungite also has the ability to absorb and neutralize negative energies, making it a stone of choice for people who are looking to protect themselves from negative external influences or who work in stressful or oppressive environments.

In the Ayurvedic tradition, Shungite is associated with the root chakra, which is the energy center of stability and security. By carrying a Shungite on your person or placing it in your environment, you can strengthen your emotional and spiritual stability.

Finally, Shungite exudes energy that promotes mental strength and resilience, making it a perfect gift for someone who is going through difficult times or needs support.

The information on the benefits of lithotherapy is given for information purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. The properties, indications and methods of use of the stones and minerals mentioned are taken from reference works on lithotherapy.

History and Origin of Shungite

Shungite is a rare stone that is found in only one region of the world, in Russia, near Lake Onega.

According to legend, shungite gets its name from the village of Shunga, where it was first discovered. The people of Shunga had been using shungite to purify water and cure diseases for centuries, but no one really knew where this mysterious stone came from.

One day, a Russian Orthodox monk named Nil Sorsky traveled to the Shunga area to found a monastery. While exploring the surroundings, he discovered the shiny black stone that the locals used to purify water. He was so impressed by the properties of the stone that he decided to use it to build his monastery.

Nil Sorsky used shungite to build the walls, floors, and roofs of the monastery, and he noticed that the monks who lived in the monastery were healthier than the inhabitants of the nearby villages. He attributed this good health to the properties of shungite, which purified water and protected monks from negative energies.

Since then, shungite has been considered a sacred stone and it is used to purify water, cure diseases, and protect against negative energies. The legend of Nil Sorsky and Shunga Monastery helped popularize shungite around the world.

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Le collier se compose d'une chaîne et d'un pendentif. Longueur totale de la chaîne 50cm environ (matière : acier inoxydable). Dimensions de la pierre (hors bélière) 2x2cm environ. Bélière 5mm environ. Pendentif en Shungite naturelle des lacs de Carélie.
Article in natural stone: differences in appearance and colors are possible compared to the photographed model. Each item is unique, but always of equivalent quality.
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
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Protection / healing / purification, Self-confidence & serenity
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Natural stone
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