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Sunstone Necklace Heliolite A - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
Sunstone Necklace Heliolite A - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain
Sunstone Necklace Heliolite A - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain

AAA Sunstone Necklace - Tumbled Stone Pendant + Silver Chain

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The revitalizing energy of sunstone at your neck

The necklace consists of a chain and a pendant. Chain length 50cm approximately. Material: stainless steel. Sunstone pendant (Heliolith) grade AAA, from India. Stone dimensions (excluding bail) = 2cm x 1cm on average (may vary slightly). Bail 5mm approximately.

Natural stone: Size, shape, and color shades may vary from the models pictured. The different pendants visible in the 2nd photo testify to the possible variants. Sunstone naturally has grey or black inclusions : Any inclusions will be present on one side only, making it easy to conceal them by placing them on the non-visible side of the pendant.

This sunstone necklace is a bright and lively piece of jewelry, consisting of a silver stainless steel chain and a natural sunstone pendant. Sunstone is known for its energizing and revitalizing properties, which help bring light and warmth into our lives.

Emotional virtues :

  • Helps build self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Promotes creativity and self-expression
  • Brings joy and good humor
  • Encourages optimism and positivity

Spiritual Virtues :

  • Helps connect with one's own inner strength and personal power
  • Stimulates intuition and mental clarity
  • Promotes connection with solar energies and sacred fire
  • Encourages meditation and contemplation

Sunstone is associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the energetic center of personal will and power, giving it its powerful energizing and revitalizing properties.

This necklace is ideal for people who are looking to bring more vitality and optimism into their lives, or who want to boost the sense of self-confidence or creativity. A symbol of joy and good mood, this lovely sunstone pendant necklace is the perfect gift for someone you care about.

The information on the benefits of lithotherapy is given for information purposes only, and does not constitute medical advice. The properties, indications and methods of use of the stones and minerals mentioned are taken from reference works on lithotherapy.

Phaethon and the Sunstone

In Greek mythology, sunstone was associated with Helios, the god of the sun. It is for this reason that it is also called Heliolith.

According to legend, Helios drove a golden chariot across the sky every day, bringing the light and warmth of the sun to earth. One day, Helios noticed that one of his horses was limping and could no longer continue to pull the chariot. He then asked a young mortal named Phaethon to take the reins in his place while he brought the wounded horse back to the stable.

Phaethon was thrilled at the opportunity, but he lacked the strength and experience to control Helios' horses. The chariot ran away and began to zigzag across the sky, wreaking havoc on the earth. Mountains were set on fire, rivers dried up, and cities were destroyed.

Zeus, the king of the gods, seeing the chaos that Phaethon was causing, decided to intervene and struck down the young mortal to stop the chariot. Helios then took over the reins and brought the sun back to its usual course. To prevent this from happening again, he decided to place a sunstone in the chariot, which would allow him to control the horses and keep the chariot in its course.

Since then, sunstone has been considered a symbol of strength, power, and control, and is often used in crystal therapy to help build self-confidence and personal willpower.

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Longueur de la chaîne 50cm environ. Matière : acier inoxydable. Pendentif en pierre de soleil (Héliolite) grade AAA, origine Inde. Dimensions de la pierre (hors bélière) 2cm x 1cm en moyenne (peut varier légèrement). Bélière 5mm environ.
Article in natural stone: differences in appearance and colors are possible compared to the photographed model. Each item is unique, but always of equivalent quality.
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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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Stones and Minerals
Sun Stone / Heliolite
Virtues and benefits
Self-confidence & serenity, Strength and courage
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Natural stone
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