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Lucky Japanese Cats - 5 Porcelain Maneki Neko
Lucky Japanese Cats - 5 Porcelain Maneki Neko
Lucky Japanese Cats - 5 Porcelain Maneki Neko

Lucky Japanese Cats - 5 Porcelain Maneki Neko

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Set of 5 Maneki Neko Porcelain Lucky Cats

Dimensions: each cat approx. height 4.6 x diameter 3.8cm (box length 27.5 x height 6 x depth 4.5cm). Material: porcelain.

It's hard not to fall in love with these 5 little ceramic cats! Especially when you know the legend of the world-famous Maneki Neko!

These Japanese cats, whatever their color, are symbols of luck and fortune.

Each set includes one green, one red, one yellow, one blue and one pink cat. Each cat has a gilded metal bell and sits on a red felt stand. Not sold separately.

Ancestral good-luck charms

Maneki Neko come in a variety of shapes, colors and materials, traditionally in the form of statuettes in ceramic, porcelain, plastic or bronze, depicting a seated cat with one paw raised (often the left).

Although they are all symbols of good luck and prosperity, color is of great importance: gold symbolizes wealth and success, white purity and tranquility, red luck and happiness, while black is associated with protection against malevolent spirits.

These figurines are reputed to have numerous benefits and positive powers according to Japanese tradition, although nothing has really been proven. They are revered worldwide and used as good-luck charms to attract customers to businesses and promote harmony in relationships. They are also believed to bring happiness and success in various areas of life.

Maneki Neko are not only decorative objects, they are also symbols of goodwill with deep cultural significance. Whether given as gifts or chosen for their charm and positive symbolism, these figurines transcend cultural boundaries, representing universal values of happiness, prosperity and affection.

These 6 cute little cats come from Japan where they are called Maneki Neko. They are considered powerful lucky charms that attract luck and prosperity. Each little cat has a different lucky symbol.
Each cat measures about 2.90 x 2.80 cm. The 6 cats are sold together and not available separately.
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