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Figurine Japanese Golden Cat with Fan - Maneki Neko 12cm Solar Powered
Figurine Japanese Golden Cat with Fan - Maneki Neko 12cm Solar Powered
Figurine Japanese Golden Cat with Fan - Maneki Neko 12cm Solar Powered

Figurine Japanese Golden Cat with Fan - Maneki Neko 12cm Solar Powered

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Victim of his own success !

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Golden Maneki Neko with fan - Solar-powered Japanese cat

Dimensions: cat and base height 12 x width 7.3 x depth 6.6cm approx. (box 12 x 8.5 x 6.5cm). Solar-powered.

The Maneki Neko lucky cat is a native of Japan. One of its paws is animated by a solar sensor discreetly installed on the front of the figurine. So it works without batteries: practical, ecological and economical! Place it near a window or lamp, and its leg will automatically start moving.

The Maneki Neko is said to bring luck and fortune to its owner. The golden Maneki Neko is said to symbolize luck and prosperity.

We've fallen in love with this typically Asian red and gold model!

The story of the world's most famous cat

The most famous cat in Japan, and now in the world for a very long time, is the Maneki Neko! Depicted with his inevitable red bell collar and gold coin, he is so revered in Japan that a day has been dedicated to him (September 29)! But why?

With its raised paw, pointed red ears and accessories, this famous, often gilded "kitsch" trinket, the "Chinese greeting cat", is omnipresent in Chinatowns and Asian stores the world over. Yet this statuette is not Chinese: its origins are Japanese.

Contrary to popular belief, the Japanese Maneki Neko does not wave its paw. In Japan, this gesture of the raised hand, palm forward and fingers inclined downwards, is an invitation to approach.

Tama, the abbot's cat at Tokyo's Gōtoku-ji temple, is at the heart of one of the legends surrounding the origins of Maneki Neko. During the Edo period (1603 - 1868), a regional leader was hunting hawks when he escaped lightning by taking refuge in the temple after being invited there by Tama. Grateful to the feline for saving his life, he named the animal the patron saint of the temple, where it has since been venerated in its own shrine. Visitors from all over the world come here to pray and admire the multitude of white cats that now adorn the temple grounds.

Near Asakusa, in Tokyo, the Maru Shime No Neko (lucky cat) of the Imad shrine is at the heart of another legend. Unlike the Maneki Neko, this one is seated in profile, with its head turned to one side. The story goes that in 1852, an old lady was so poor that she could no longer feed her cat and was forced to abandon it. But that night, her cat appeared to her in a dream and said, "Create a statuette in my likeness, and I'll bring you luck". So the next morning, the old lady set about making porcelain cats and selling them at the shrine gates. The figurines sold like hotcakes, lifting the woman out of poverty!

Now it's up to you to bring prosperity and good luck into your home with this pretty Maneki Neko cat figurine for your living room shelf, hall console or bedroom chest of drawers:Asia invites itself into your home decor!

Chat hauteur 15,5 x 11,5 x 9cm environ (boîte en carton 16 x 10,5 x 10cm). Fonctionne avec un pile AA LR6 (non fournie).
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