Premium Copal Incense 8 Sticks - Sagrada Madre
Premium Copal Incense 8 Sticks - Sagrada Madre
Premium Copal Incense 8 Sticks - Sagrada Madre
Premium Copal Incense 8 Sticks - Sagrada Madre

Premium Copal Incense 8 Sticks | Sagrada Madre

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Experience the quality of "Premium" Incense with the Sagrada Madre brand

Contents: 8 large incense sticks in their eco-friendly and recyclable packaging. Dimensions of each incense stick: length 17cm x diameter 1cm approximately. Burn time of each stick: about 1 hour. Ingredients: Copal resin, natural charcoal, natural herbal binder, salt.

The quality secrets of the Sagrada Madre brand: the artisanal production and the selection of ingredients

At Sagrada Madre, each incense stick is carefully rolled by hand, and special attention is paid to the quality and purity of the ingredients.

Copal resin is agglomerated with natural charcoal, salt and a natural plant-based binder. The result: generous incense sticks about 1cm in diameter that burn slowly, diffusing a scent of surprising intensity, which will remain perceptible for several days after burning.

This handcrafted quality product offers you the promise of a unique olfactory experience, but also the purifying properties of Copal resin. It is the perfect incense for the purification of a living space, meditation, or simply to create a relaxing atmosphere in the place of your choice.

Be sure to light the incense sticks in a well-ventilated area, and keep a close eye on them. Never let them burn unattended.

Discover the virtues of Copal resin

The Origins of Copal Resin

Copal, an aromatic resin produced by various resin trees such as Bursera, Protium, and Daniellia, is native to the tropical regions of America, Africa, and Asia. The word copal comes from the Aztec dialect Nahuatl and means "incense".

This incense is the legacy of a long tradition of use in spiritual rituals, religious ceremonies and medicinal practices.

The virtues of Copal

Traditional uses of copal include purifying the ambient air of a place, creating a sacred atmosphere, invoking deities during offering rituals , and using it in shamanic practices.

Copal is valued for its purifying properties, for the spiritual uplift and emotional relief it provides, and finally for its medicinal properties.

Danger - inflammable Contient des matières nocives ou irritantes Ne pas inhaler directement Utiliser dans une pièce ventilée Tenir hors de portée des enfants

Flammable; Do not ingest: contains harmful or irritating materials; do not inhale smoke directly; use in a well-ventilated room; keep out of reach of children.

The Premium Copal Incense Sticks from "Sagrada Madre" are handcrafted from natural Copal resin, carbon and salt. These ingredients are clumped together with a natural, plant-based binder.
Length 17cm x Diameter 1cm approx
Incense: Do not ingest, use in a well-ventilated room, do not inhale smoke directly, keep out of reach of children.
Delivery method
Standard item
Object type
Home fragrances
Handcrafted and fair
Virtues and benefits
Protection / healing / purification
Olfactory families
Amber, Spicy, Heady
ENCE01723 CO

Natural incense of exceptional quality, the desire to protect the environment and indigenous communities: get to know the brand "Sagrada Madre"

"Sagrada Madre" means "Holy Mother". But above all, it is the Spanish translation of the Quechua term "Pachamama", "Pacha" meaning "Earth" and "Mama", "Mother".

"Mother Earth". This name reflects the perception of the company "Sagrada Madre" about the resources that our planet offers.

For the harvesting of Palo Santo wood, "Sagrada Madre" uses only the old branches that have fallen naturally from the tree. The company works with indigenous communities in Peru and Argentina to plant Palo Santo trees and fight deforestation. In addition, "Sagrada Madre" makes sure to plant more trees than she uses.

In addition to its constant effort for reforestation, the company actively participates in many other projects beneficial to nature and biodiversity: financing refuges for endemic animal species, aid to associations promoting the professional integration of disadvantaged people, the fight against hunger, etc.

Coco Papaya is proud to offer "Sagrada Madre" on its online store, and to participate in making known in Europe the too rare commodity that is this benevolent and innovative company.

All varieties of "Sagrada Madre" incense are carefully protected in packaging designed with natural materials to create as little impact as possible on the environment.

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