Loban incense. Set of 100 HEM brand sticks
Loban incense. Set of 100 HEM brand sticks

Loban incense. Set of 100 HEM brand sticks

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A sacred resin

Set of 5 hexagonal boxes = about 100 sticks of 23cm. Size of a case: 25 x 3cm.

The Loban tree, native to Oman, is considered a spiritual tree.

Used in many religious rites, its resin is said to help solve legal and administrative problems. It is known to promote meditation and travel. It builds self-confidence and determination.

Its smell, sweet and woody, balsamic and fresh is very appreciated.

Use of natural incense sticks

For thousands of years and in all cultures, it has been known that smells have an influence on the body and mind. This works thanks to essential oils that emit odors assimilated by the mind. In addition, a correctly chosen fragrance can strengthen or soften certain characteristics that are hidden in our psyche.

Incense is still generally used to have a fresh scent in the house and to create a relaxed atmosphere.

How to choose your incense?

Each sheet is detailed in order to give you the information that will help you make your choice. Some incense is recommended for meditation, others to drive away evil spirits for example... Can't make up your mind? Let it be a coincidence by taking an assortment of incense!
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Ôm symbol (Aum)
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Woody, Fresh

HEM Corporation is an indian company which exports its natural incense in the world.

Their sticks and incense cones are appreciated for the quality of the fragrances they provide, but also for the well-being they provide. Whether it is for a time of prayer and devotion, a massage session or relaxation, or simply to unwind after a day of work, you will certainly find an incense-HEM to give you that little moment of relaxation as expected !

All incense HEM are exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients such as powders of wood and flowers, medicinal plants, spices and essential oils.

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