Incense Indian Goloka Nag Champa 5...
Incense Indian Goloka Nag Champa 5 boxes 16g or 60 sticks

Incense Indian Goloka Nag Champa 5 boxes 16g or 60 sticks

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Do you like the famous incense in the blue box Nag Champa by Satya Sai Baba ? You are likely to enjoy just as this one developed by the brand indian GOLOKA !

More soft and sweet, it is also more conducive to meditation

The expression "Nag Champa" refers to an ancient recipe of manufacturing of incense in India. There are many versions, which have a point in common to be developed in the base of sandal wood and flowers of Michelia Champaka (a tree and indian).This version in yellow box and red of the brand Goloka is considered to be a classic essential for any lover of incense. In India, it is used especially during ceremonial offerings to the God Ganesh.

Under : aid to relaxation, to meditation, to chase away the negative thoughts, and maintain the psychological balance.

Lot of 5 rectangular boxes of 16g each = 60 sticks minimum

Dimension of pouch : 22 x 5 cm - eco-packaging made from recycled.

Nag Champa from Goloka : it is like a synthesis of all the flavors of India in a box of incense !

Delivery followed home (France) = 3.90€ only !

Enter the coupon code INCENSE => 15% discount from 2 batches of incense purchased ! !

Incense: Do not ingest, use in a well-ventilated room, do not inhale smoke directly, keep out of reach of children.
Delivery method
Standard item
Object type
Home fragrances
Nag Champa, Sandalwood, Spices
Olfactory families
Amber, Spicy, Floral, Woody
ENCE02189 GOLx5

Goloka is an indian company specialized in the manufacture of incense are 100% natural.

Less known than its competitors, Satya and Hem, Goloka enjoys an excellent reputation in India, where its cones of masalas (incense made from secret recipes or ancestral) are very much appreciated.

Incense Goloka are very characteristic and offer you a motionless journey as soon as the first puffs of smoke !

A brand to test absolutely for the regular users and advanced.

The little + in "sustainable development" : all the packaging of the brand Goloka are made from recycled paper.

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