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Energizing Roll-On Red Jasper 10ml

Energizing Roll-On Red Jasper 10ml

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Create your own crystal elixirs with this energetic Red Jasper Roll-on

Dimensions: height 8.5 x diameter 2cm. Glass bottle, Red Jasper ball, screw cap. Capacity: 10ml. Contains 10 to 15g of natural Red Jasper stones. Easy-to-open bottle for filling, cleaning and purifying stones.

Combining the benefits of lithotherapy and aromatherapy

This Roll-on containing natural Red Jasper stones is designed to be filled with essential oils (diluted in a vegetable oil of your choice), to create a crystal elixir (also called crystal oil) combining the virtues ofaromatherapy and lithotherapy.

Combine the virtues of Red Jasper with the benefits of essential oils to create an elixir that will enhance your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Then apply it to your skin with this practical, easy-to-use Roll-on.

The crystal elixir can be applied to different areas of the body, such as the wrists, temples, solar plexus, nape of the neck or arch of the foot. Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.

Recipe for creating your own soothing plant elixir with Red JasperRoll-on

If you want to reap the benefits of combining Aromatherapy and Lithotherapy, you need to associate a stone and an essential oil with compatible benefits.

With this Red Jasper Roll-on, Coco Papaya recommends Sweet Orange essential oils to create a crystal elixir with stimulating properties, to boost your immune system.

Instructions for use

  • Fill the Red Jasper Roll-on with a vegetable oil of your choice (sweet almond, avocado, coconut, jojoba, grape seed, apricot kernel, etc.).
  • Add 2 drops of the essential oil chosen for its therapeutic properties, shake the mixture and leave to macerate for 24 to 48 hours.
  • Your crystal elixir is ready! To feel the benefits, apply the Roll-on to your skin as often as necessary. Apply to the wrists, temples, solar plexus, nape of the neck or arch of the foot, depending on your mood!

When you've used up all your crystal elixir, carefully clean the inside of the Roll-on with clear water. You can also purify and recharge your Red Jasper stones with our special lithotherapy kit.

Find out more about Red Jasper

A protective stone par excellence, Jasper promotes an overall state of confidence and serenity. It encourages introspection and personal development, helping us to know ourselves better and find our place among others. Bloodstone brings us humility and awareness of our status as passengers on this planet, enabling us to put our fears, such as the fear of death, into perspective. The different varieties of jasper are said to have regulating benefits for our physical body (notably the blood and hormonal systems). Red jasper, in particular, is reputed to be an aphrodisiac.

Important: the therapeutic properties of these stones are given for information purposes only, based on teachings from reference works on lithotherapy. This information is not intended to replace medical treatment, nor the advice of a health professional. If you have any symptoms of illness, please consult your doctor.

This Roll-on containing natural Red Jasper stones is designed to be filled with essential oils (diluted in a vegetable oil), to create a crystal elixir combining the virtues of aromatherapy and lithotherapy.
Dimensions : 8,5 x 2cm. Flacon en verre, bille en Fluorite, bouchon à visser. Contenance : 10ml (vendu vide). Contient 10-15g de pierres naturelles. Ouverture facile du flacon pour remplissage, nettoyage et purification des pierres.
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