Merkaba clock in Labradorite and rock crystal tip

Merkaba clock in Labradorite and rock crystal tip

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Merkaba Labradorite and Rock Crystal Pendulum: A Powerful and Balancing Dowsing Tool

Pendulum length 7cm, diameter 2cm. Chain length 19cm. Total length pendulum + chain 26cm. This Merkaba pendulum is composed of a natural rock crystal tip and a premium labradorite merkaba, carefully selected for their brilliance and beauty. Silver-plated chain and mount.

This Merkaba pendulum is a very powerful dowsing instrument. It unifies body, mind and spirit thanks to its sacred geometric shape and the harmonious combination of labradorite and rock crystal.

Labradorite is a natural stone renowned for its protective and balancing properties. It promotes intuition, mental clarity, and connection with subtle energies.

Rock crystal, on the other hand, is known for its amplifying and purifying properties, enhancing the effects of labradorite and Merkaba pendulum.

This Merkaba pendulum is a valuable tool for dowsing, meditation and energy healing. It will help you find answers to your questions, balance your chakras, and harmonize your energies.

Its elegant and refined design makes it an accessory of choice for all practitioners and enthusiasts of dowsing and energy healing.

The Merkaba pendulum in natural stone: a dowsing instrument that promotes inter-dimensional travel

Merkaba comes from 'Sea' which means Light, 'Ka' which means Spirit and 'Ba' which means Body. The definition of Mer-Ka-Ba therefore means that the body and mind are light.

An energy field generated by the rapid rotation of geometric shapes, known as sacred, the Merkaba is made up of 2 tetrahedra that are nested within each other on the same vertical axis, allowing the body, soul and spirit to be unified.
It has 8 vertices and helps to access other levels of reality, other dimensions.

The Merkaba pendulum allows you to reach your full mediumistic potential. It promotes protection and healing and is effective in finding answers to questions about consciousness and spirit. It improves the connection between soul and matter.

Usable by all, the Merkaba pendulum is particularly suitable for experienced psychics and dowsers. Here are some examples of possible uses of the Merkaba pendulum:

  • Divination and Guidance : Use the merkaba pendulum for divination and guidance seeking. Ask clear and precise questions, then observe the movements of the pendulum to get intuitive answers.
  • Chakra Balancing : Hold the merkaba pendulum above each chakra to detect energetic imbalances. Then, use it to restore harmony by making circular motions clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Energy Cleansing : Use the merkaba pendulum to purify and remove negative energies from objects, places, or people. Make rocking motions or spirals with the pendulum around the object or person to be cleaned.
  • Crystal Programming : Hold the merkaba pendulum over a crystal and program it with specific intent by visualizing the energy of the merkaba infusing the crystal. This will enhance the properties of the crystal and amplify its healing power.
  • Spiritual Alignment : Meditate with the merkaba pendulum to facilitate spiritual alignment and elevation of consciousness. Let yourself be guided by the movements of the pendulum to connect with the higher planes and receive spiritual flashes.
  • Harmonization of Energies : Use the merkaba pendulum to harmonize the energies of a place by detecting telluric lines of force or by rebalancing disturbed energy flows.
  • Activating Light Codes : Focusing on the image of the merkaba, use the pendulum to activate the sacred light codes and facilitate the opening of energy channels in the body.
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