Flamingo polyresin in gold color - 49.5 cm
Flamingo polyresin in gold color - 49.5 cm
Flamingo polyresin in gold color - 49.5 cm
Flamingo polyresin in gold color - 49.5 cm

Flamingo Statue 50cm in Golden Polyresin

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The airy beauty of the Flamingo

Dimension: Height: 49.5cm x Width 20cm. Material: polyresin.

This large golden pink flamingo will easily find its place in your exotic interior, bringing a chic and refined touch.

Whether in a living room, bedroom, or office, it will evoke memories of gentle waves and endless skies, creating a calming ambience.

The golden hue gives this statue a timeless elegance, creating a connection with the wilderness and bringing a touch of refinement to your interior.

Elegance meets Nature

This pink flamingo, perched on its high legs, will pair perfectly with a foliage print tapestry, creating a visual harmony inspired by nature. Imagine the Flamingo as a golden silhouette that emerges from the lush vegetation, adding an exotic and captivating dimension to your space

Placed on a console or shelf, this golden statue will combine wonderfully with other wooden decorative objects, creating an alliance between modern refinement and the natural charm of wood.

Do you prefer minimalist interiors? The golden color of the Flamingo stands out beautifully against a black background, adding a touch of contrast and elegance. This piece thus becomes the focal point, captivating the eye in a space of dark tones, while bringing an exotic and mysterious touch.

At Coco Papaya, each creation is a fusion between elegance and the essence of nature. This Flamingo is the perfect example of our commitment to refined aesthetics.

This large golden pink flamingo will easily find its place in your exotic interior, bringing a chic and refined touch
Height: 49.5cm x Width 20cm
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HouseVitamin: Art Deco Reinvented

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A Unique and Timeless Style

We all fall in love with the HouseVitamine style, which is both quirky and trendy, and which transcends ephemeral fashions.

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Selected materials

The HouseVitamin brand brings your ideas to life using premium materials. Metal imparts timeless elegance, while resin offers versatility that translates into impeccable details on every piece.

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