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Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.


The Konjac sponge : your combined 100% natural for cleaning of the skin.

After the plant of Konjac and therefore totally natural and plant, this sponge will quickly indispensable in your toiletries bag !

Perfectly respectful of the skin and the environment, it allows to effectively clean the face and brings the additional benefits that you won't find in the sponges classics.

Our Konjac sponge is sold individually, packaged under a protective atmosphere. The colour of your choice.

Size : diameter 7cm x height 4cm approx.

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The Konjac sponge : a beauty secret from Asia.

The Konjac, or Amorphophalus Konjac, a plant native to South-East Asia. Appeared in the Eighteenth century in Japan, the Konjac was used mainly in medicine. Today, it is used extensively in the food industry and cosmetics.

Our sponges Konjac high quality 100% natural, guaranteed bacteria free, paraben-free, preservative-free, completely biodegradable, and not tested on animals. They are individually packaged under a protective atmosphere to preserve their benefits.

The Konjac sponge is the cleaning product the more harmless and effective. Its use is not limited to the face : we can use the Konjac sponge all over the body (but it is recommended to use two different : one for the face and another for body).

The benefits of the Konjac sponge.

  • Cleansing and moisturizing, it avoids the drying out of the skin.
  • It exfoliates gently (micro-exfoliation) and cleanses the pores.
  • It activates the blood circulation and promotes cell regeneration.
  • It absorbs and regulates excess sebum, avoiding the proliferation of buttons and blackheads.

The Konjac sponge has cosmetic virtues that help to regain a radiant face and a clear skin.

For more than a century, it is used in Korea and Japan as a product of daily beauty : it is a sponge perfect to exfoliate and cleanse the skin gently. Coconut Papaya recommends that you use during the makeup removal to rid your skin of all impurities accumulated during the day.

Suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive.

Originally designed for babies, Konjac sponge is perfectly suitable for all skin types, even the most frail and those suffering with eczema or psoriasis. It is particularly recommended for atopic skin or acne-prone skin.

Advice of use.

Every day, in the morning or in the evening after removing make-up, moisten the konjac sponge in warm water, or warm by adding a small amount of cleanser natural for even more efficiency (of Aleppo soap liquid, tonic, or infusion). The sponge swells in contact with water. You can then proceed to the cleaning of the skin in small circular motion, from the bottom to the top of the face.

It is not necessary to insist : gentle cleansing will be just as effective, without irritating your skin !

After use, it is indispensable to clean the Konjac sponge in warm water and then squeezing to remove the water.

Maintenance of the Konjac sponge.

100 % natural and therefore totally biodegradable, the Konjac sponge will keep for about three months if you use it on a daily basis.

In addition to the rinsing daily with warm water, you can proceed with a more thorough cleaning of the sponge once per week. To do this, use a Marseille soap, Aleppo or any other natural soap, or immerse it in boiling water for about 15 minutes.

Use the cord to hang the Konjac sponge in your bathroom in order to facilitate the drying. If you don't use it every day, store it in the refrigerator so that it does not dry out completely.

Change it when the sponge begins to crumble.

Object typeBeauty / Cosmetics
Skin typeMature skin, Mixted to oily skin, Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin
NeedsExfoliating treatment, Moisturizing / Nourishing, Purifying care, Matifying care, Anti-imperfections treatment
CompositionCruelty-free, Without palm oil, No ingredient of animal origin, Paraben free, Without artificial fragrance, Sulphate free, No artificial colors or preservatives
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acheté  Par (Coulommiers, France) le  25 Aug 2020 (Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.) :

éponges naturelles

je suis ravie de cet achat, ces éponges sont très douces et nettoient vraiment parfaitement, un vrai bonheur,je les recommande.

acheté  Par (Les Ponts-de-Cé , France) le  17 Jun 2020 (Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.) :

Éponge Konjac

Super agréable et lors de la réception, elle est humide dans son sachet. Je l'utilise tous les jours, elle est très douce.

Juste dommage que je l'ai reçu en blanc.

acheté  Par (PONT DU CASSE, France) le  17 May 2020 (Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.) :

eponge konjac

Classique mais top

acheté  Par (Chartres, France) le  29 Apr 2020 (Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.) :

eponge toute douce

utilisée en complément de mon gel nettoyant visage peaux mixtes, elle exfolie parfaitement la peau et la rend nette et plus éclatante. les couleurs sont belles et l'éponge est très grande ce qui permet un grand pouvoir d'absorption. Contente de mon achat!

acheté  Par (LE CANNET, France) le  02 Apr 2020 (Sponge Konjac 100% natural cleanser for face & body.) :


Pas encore testé, mais a l'air efficace.