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Ayurvedic oil massage "Bliss" 100ml Rosemary, clary sage and lemon

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"Bliss" : an ayurvedic oil massage 100% natural, enriched with essential oils.

The ayurvedic oil massage of the Holy Lama "Bliss" has been formulated for individuals wishing to provide or receive a massage using oil is an entirely natural multiple benefits for the body, mind and spirit. You will particularly appreciate :

  • its formulation is natural and vegan rich in vegetable oils and in essential oils for the massage is a real moment of well-being and care.
  • its texture is ideal for massage, lubrication but without leaving the skin oily.

A formulation of plant enriched with essential selected.

  • The basis of this massage oil is composed of 5 vegetable oils, additional : oils of coconut, sunflower, sesame, sweet almond and jojoba. The result is an ideal texture for the massage (lubricating but not greasy), and numerous benefits for the epidermis (the intense hydration, protection, re-balancing, and regeneration).
  • The formulation is completed with essential oils of rosemary, clary sage and lemon for a scent refreshing and soothing, which invites us to the relaxation, stimulates our mind.
  • If you don't have someone available to massage you, you can also use "Bliss" as a body oil to nourish and soften the skin of your whole body !

Capacity : 100ml. Plastic bottle with measuring cap convenient.

Ingredients INCI: Helianthus annuus seed oil, Sesamum indicum seed oil, cocos nucifera oil, Prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, Simmondsia chinensis oil, Tocopherol, Rosmarinus officinalis oil, Citrus nobilis oil, Salvia sclarea flower extract, Citrus limonum fruit oil, Citrus aurantium dulcis oil, Linalool, Limonene, Citral, Geraniol.

Instructions for use in English.

Recommendations :

  • Do not swallow, avoid contact with the eyes and the mouth.
  • Rinse thoroughly and discontinue use if irritation or itching.
  • Not suitable for babies.

The massage : a true gift to offer to a person that we love.

Even without being an expert or professional of massage, anyone can offer a moment of intense well-being to a loved one, providing a message. The only essential ingredients are :

  • The desire to take care of this person, to help him feel better in his body, and wanting to appease his spirit.
  • An oil massage of professional quality as "Bliss" by Holy Lama, manufactured in India with 100% natural ingredients.

Ask the person to lie down naked on the belly. Pour a dose of massage oil in the palm of your hands. Evenly apply the massage oil on his back, the nape of the neck up to the base of her spine.

Run your hands over the entire surface of the back, first gently, by stroking lightly supported. Little by little, you will feel instinctively the areas where you will need to intensify the massage to relieve the muscles and joints are tense or sore. The person who receives the massage you may be asked to insist on certain places that need special attention.

10 to 20 minutes massage is sufficient for the person to be massaged to relax and really feel a lot of well-being. The most persistent will be able to continue the massage for one hour, or longer, to reach peaks of fullness !

Object type
Well-being / Relaxation
Skin type
Mature skin, Mixted to oily skin, Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin
Moisturizing / Nourishing, Soothing / healing care, Toning treatment, Restorative treatment
Enriched with vegetable oils, Enriched with essential oils, Cruelty-free, No artificial colors or preservatives, Without palm oil, No ingredient of animal origin, Paraben free, Without artificial fragrance, Sulphate free
Fair trade, Vegan
Natural asset
Jojoba, Coconut, Almond, Sesame, Lemon

Holy Lama is an Indian brand that we are very happy to offer you on our online store, because we share exactly the same vision of the world and the same aspirations.

Founded in 1940 in the province of Kerala, in southern India, Holy Lama is a family-owned, artisanal business specializing in the manufacture of natural vegan cosmetics and food products. Their know-how is recognized internationally because it is one of the rare market players to produce essential oils and plant cosmetics in a sustainable and fair manner .

A model in the field of fair trade and social and environmental responsibility.

Holy Lama has the distinction of being an almost entirely female company. Although it was founded by a man, Mr. DV Deo, all of the staff employed were women until the 1980s. Even today, more than 80% of Holy Lama workers are worthily paid workers!

The Deo family, which continues the founder's work while preserving its values, can today be proud of providing work and offering a future to dozens of women from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Holy Lama is also a respected economic actor in Kerala because all the raw materials used for production come from local agriculture and purchased with a concern for fairness: farmers are paid at very favorable prices, and upon delivery ( no payment term).

Handcrafted, natural, vegan and sustainable products.

The human hand is involved in all stages of the manufacturing of Holy Lama products. This brings them the authenticity and quality of artisanal products.

In addition, all Holy Lama products are exclusively made with natural plant materials, and not tested on animals.

Finally, the Holy Lama factory has become an Indian national benchmark in terms of carbon footprint: the obsession with zero waste and recycling are so deeply rooted in the company's philosophy that its carbon footprint is 10 to 15 times less than that of other manufacturers of comparable size!

This resolutely modern way of producing and trading has earned Holy Lama two prestigious distinctions:

  • Member of BAFTS (British Association for Fair Trade Shops & Suppliers)
  • Registration within the Vegan Society
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