Totem Tiki Protector "Koh Pha Ngan" wooden 30cm



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A Tiki god to illuminate your décor and protect your home!

Dimensions: height 30 to 32cm x width 29cm x depth 7cm approximately. Material: exotic wood from responsible sectors. Patinated finish antique style. Artisanal creation: each piece is unique, so slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the photographed model.

Discover the decorative potential of Tiki totems!  Their amazing style combined with the beauty of wood brings a real personality to the interior or exterior decoration... Place the totem "Kho Pha Ngan" on a sideboard, near a large green plant that he will illuminate with his two torches (!!!). Or on the coffee table on the terrace, next to the candles. Observe the result and enjoy!

As a bonus: the protection of the Tiki. Polynesians consider the Tikis as powerful protective talismans! Owning a Tiki totem pole at home would bring the protection of the god Tiki on the house and its inhabitants.

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The beauty of wood and craftsmanship

The totem "Kho Phan Ngan" is a real artisanal wood carving, available in small quantities.

Each statue has been patiently sculpted by our partner craftsman, which requires several hours of meticulous work. It is for this reason that we specify that each totem is unique, and therefore necessarily different from the one that was photographed to illustrate this page.

And it is because each totem requires several hours of work that availability is limited. Our craftsman has only two hands and his production capacity is therefore not extensible!

By receiving your totem, you will be able to see for yourself the added value that an artisanal sculpture brings compared to an industrial manufacture molded in resin, or plastic. The difference is obvious and yet, the price gap is not so large.

Do you like meticulous craftsmanship? Go see our decorative objects made of mother-of-pearl and shell and you will see another dimension of the talent of our craftsmen!

SummaryThis authentic Totem Tiki is a handcrafted wooden creation, entirely carved by hand. In the Polynesian tradition, the Tiki is a deity who protects the home that shelters him!
SizeDimensions: height 30 to 32cm x width 29cm x depth 7cm approximately.
InformationThis article may present slight imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
ShippingCheap shipping !
Object typeDecoration
Colorbrown / chocolate
OriginHandcrafted and fair
Patterns & SymbolsTiki
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acheté  Par Celine B. le  09 Jan 2023 (Totem Tiki Protector "Koh Pha Ngan" wooden 30cm) :


trop beau j'adore

acheté  Par Christine D. le  22 Dec 2022 (Totem Tiki Protector "Koh Pha Ngan" wooden 30cm) :

Très belle qualité

Très belle qualité
Je commande souvent chez Coco Papaya leurs produits sont très originaux et de qualité

acheté  Par Cecile G. le  10 Apr 2022 (Totem Tiki Protector "Koh Pha Ngan" wooden 30cm) :

Très beau

Dès que je l’ai vu je l’ai imaginé en deco sur ma terrasse.
Il est magnifique, en bois naturel et très expressif, je suis ravie