Large statue of Shiva 50cm in exotic wood. Sculpture hand crafted from quality



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Magnificent and imposing statue of the hindu god Shiva

Dimensions : height 51 x width 37 x depth 20 cm. Material : wood Suar from forests planted and managed by an organization for the protection of the environment. Finish brown wax.

Shiva is a major god of hinduism. In sanskrit, his name means "the good, the one who brings good luck". Often, as is the case with this statue, he is represented by a Yogi, endowed with an immense power, and who possesses knowledge that is universal, supreme and absolute. Its 5 essential functions are to be : the creator, the preserver, the transformer, the dissimulating and revealing. He is the father of other deities, including Ganesha, the god with elephant head.

Wood-carving handicraft : slight differences in appearance are possible compared to the model photographed.

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Faithfully to the tradition of hinduism, Shiva is represented here with the attributes of legend : his bun (the seat of the river Ganges), the crescent moon in his hair (symbol of eternity), his 3rd eye (that sees beyond the material reality), the cobra around his neck (symbol of divine energy), and the tiger skin on which he is sitting (symbolizing his mastery of nature).

An exceptional piece that will give a unique charm to your decor on the theme of ethnic.

This impressive statue was carved from a single piece of solid wood and has commissioned a number of hours of work in our artisan, a sculptor, experienced and reputable with which we have been working for over many years.

SummaryVotre déco mérite le meilleur de l'artisanat. Craquez pour cette somptueuse sculpture sur bois représentant le dieu hindou Shiva. Entièrement sculpté main dans une seule pièce de bois massif. Un objet rare et intemporel !
SizeHauteur 51 x largeur 37 x profondeur 20cm environ
InformationThis article may present slight imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
ShippingCheap shipping !
Object typeDecoration
Colorbrown / chocolate
OriginHandcrafted and fair
Patterns & SymbolsShiva
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