Sage Sage Fumigation Stick - Lavender - Smudge - 20g

Sage Sage Fumigation Stick - Lavender - Smudge - 20g

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For complete purification

Content: 1 white sage fumigation stick and dried lavender flowers. Weight: 20g. Length about 10cm.

Origin: United States

In the Amerindian tradition,burning white sage purifies a place, increases wisdom and intensifies the bond with nature. It is a rite of purification and ancestral protection that has now spread to every continent.

For many people who are sensitive to esotericism or magic, burning white sage would drive away the negative energies that parasitize a place, an object or a person. The fumigation ritual would therefore allow the removal of unwanted entities, or bad spells cast by ill-intentioned people.

Lavender brings its delicate and incomparable fragrance: this fumigation stick will be perfect for purifying and perfume your home.

Purify and perfume your home pleasantly and sustainably

How do I use a Fumigation stick?

  • Light the end of the stick with a match or lighter.
  • Allow to burn for 2 to 3 seconds, then blow on the flame to extinguish it.
  • Once the flame is extinguished, smoke is released from the stick and diffuses the sweet scent of sage and lavender into your room.
  • Allow the stick to burn gently in a non-flammable container where the ashes will settle. This combustion must always be done under the supervision of an adult, and in a properly ventilated room.
  • When the combustion is complete, make sure all the embers are well extinguished, for example by filling the container with water.

Sage fagots can be used to purify the air of a room, for example before meditation or prayer, they are quite often used by body workers and therapists before treatments.

Sage has long been used to connect to the spiritual realm or to improveintuition. Burning sage can improve mood and can also be an excellent ally against stress. It is also attributed to antimicrobial properties,which would purify an interior.

How to perform a purification ritual with a fumigation stick?

To purify a place according to the traditional Native American method,proceed as indicated in the instructions above to light your fumigation stick. Then walk through each room of the place clockwise, and spread the smoke generously, not to mention the corners of the rooms. This is done for all rooms, even the smallest ones. Some people recommend saying a prayer during the fumigation ritual.

To purify a person,spread smoke all around them from their feet to the top of their head, then in front of and behind them. Repeat this operation at least once. The process is the same to purify an object.

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