Shoti Maa Magic Box. Assortment of 12 teas and infusions bio.
Shoti Maa Magic Box. Assortment of 12 teas and infusions bio.

Shoti Maa Magic Box. Assortment of 12 teas and infusions bio.

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12 teas and infusions bio for the well-being of the indian.

The "Magic Box Shoti Maa allows you to discover the 12 varieties of teas and herbal teas ayurvedic organic brand indian :

  • 7 teas and infusions "Chakra" to harmonize the chakra that most needs it.
  • And 5 teas and infusions "element" to enter in connection with the item of his choice.

7 Teas and infusions in ayurvedic medicine to align our 7 main chakras :

  • 1 infusion "I am" with sage, ginger and elderberry, to harmonise the 1st chakra.
  • 1 infusion "In the Mood" at the hibiscus, orange and pepper, to the 2nd chakra.
  • 1 infusion "Sanctify" ginger, fennel and cinnamon, for the 3rd chakra.
  • 1 tea "Loving" , green tea, Earl Grey tea and cinnamon, to the 4th chakra.
  • 1 infusion, "Talk to me" lavender, licorice and mint, to the 5th chakra.
  • 1 infusion "Delighted" with lemon and ginger, for the 6th and 7th chakras.
  • 1 infusion Chai "Harmony" without the black tea, to balance our 7 main chakras.

5 infusions made to connect spiritually to the 5 elements :

  • 1 infusion "Touch the Ground" in a honey and anise, to connect to the Earth element.
  • 1 infusion of "Emotional Detox" at the hibiscus and mint, to the Water element.
  • 1 infusion "Purity Flame" cocoa and chili, for the Fire element.
  • 1 infusion of "Life on Wings" with fennel, cardamom and orange, to the element Air.
  • 1 infusion, "Joyful Silence" at the apple and lemon, to the element Ether.

These 12 teas and infusions from organic agriculture have been formulated according to the traditional methods of Ayurveda to rejuvenate our senses and balance our energy centers, contributing to our well-being. Enjoy these delicious hot drinks, and enjoy the benefits that they bring to you !

Contents : 12 sachets of teas and organic teas. Weight = 24.2 g

Information allergens : contains liquorice, and coriander.

What is Ayurveda ?

Ayurveda is an alternative medicine originating from India where it made its appearance around 2000 bc. Directly related to the Yoga, it aims at achieving 3 major objectives : the maintenance of health, cure of diseases, and self-fulfillment.

Our teas and herbal teas Shoti Maa are prepared in accordance with the method ayurvedic, with ingredients traditionally used in food in india and recognized for their benefits on the body and the spirit.

Teas and herbal ayurvedic organic can contribute to our health and well-being. But their consumption must not be a substitute for medical treatment.

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Well-being / Relaxation

All the benefits of plants for well-being and health.

Shoti Maa is an Indian manufacturer of Ayurvedic teas and infusions . Their recipes are therefore inspired by Ayurveda, traditional Indian medicine, and the known benefits of plants on our health.

Drinking a Shoti Maa tea or infusion is therefore not only tasting a delicious 100% natural beverage, but also, depending on the recipe chosen, offering yourself a moment of relaxation, regaining more vitality, or even fighting insomnia. ...

Do you want to discover new and exotic flavors while offering the benefits of plants to your body? Test Shoti Maa teas and infusions and share your opinion with other amateurs by posting a review on our shop!

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