Hanging earrings Pointes in Natural Tiger Eye

Hanging earrings Pointes in Natural Tiger Eye

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The perfect combination of two elegant materials

Total length: 4.50cm / Hexagonal tip: 2 x 0.50cm

Materials: Natural Tiger Eye and Silver Metal

We love the timeless and elegant style of this pretty pair of Aventurine earrings.

These earrings will seduce lovers of semi-precious stones. They reveal all the nuances so characteristic of theTiger's eye.

Thin and light, easy to wear every day, they will be the perfect accessory to finalize your outfit.

A timeless model to have in her jewelry box

Many people who wear a tiger's eye jewel for the first time say they perceive theenergy of the stone, sometimes even in a somewhat disturbing way!

Often dubbedthe "stone of freedom" because it helps us overcome our fears and gain self-confidence, the tiger's eye is especially recommended during stressful times such as competitions and exams.

It is also widely used in the world of esotericism, because it not only blocks negative energies from outside, but it sends them back to the one who emitted them. This stone protects against malice, bad influences, evil eye, black magic, or even spells.

The hexagonal tip,shown here, is a widespread form. For example, it can be found on Reiki's chopsticks or the clocks of mediums. Its shape would promote the flow of energies from bottom to top, and vice versa. Discover our semi-precious stone bracelets to match with this pretty pair of buckles;-)

Fine stones are charged with energy and can help you on a daily basis. But their use should not be a substitute for medical advice.

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Object type
Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
brown / chocolate
Stones and Minerals
Tiger eye
Virtues and benefits
Self-confidence & serenity, Protection / healing / purification
Type of stone
Natural stone
Type of pearls
Clasp type
BCOR07529 Ot
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