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Natural Pink Quartz bracelet - 4mm balls

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Natural Rose Quartz bracelet - very thin 4mm pearls

Length - 17cm (ideal for wrists 15 to 18cm in circumference).

Pearl diameter - 4mm. AAA grade rolled stones (brazil origin).

A must for all lovers of stone jewelry, this bracelet consists of about 31 pearl balls in 100% natural pink quartz.

Convenient, this elastic bracelet fits most wrists. Our bracelets with 4mm beads are more suitable for small wrists.

We love the pastel pink color of this quartz, very soft and very feminine. Nicknamed"LoveStone",it is said that she would make her surrogate even more in love with her/her partner.

The benefits of Quartz Rose

Pink quartz diffuses a gentle energy that stimulates our own love, but also our compassion for others.

It is a stone of well-being and harmony that significantly soothes tensions, such as stress or anger, and facilitates our relations with those around us and creates a serene climate of trust.

Litho-therapists appreciate the soothing and regulatory properties of pink quartz for our bodies. It is especially indicated to fight stress, insomnia,andhigh blood pressure.

Pink quartz is suitable for all signs of the zodiac,especially Scorpions and Aries.

According to the Yoga Kundalini doctrine, the action of pink quartz is naturally done on the 4th "heart" chakra, which it fills with love.

To purify your jewelry or pink quartz crystals, for example, you can dip them for 2 to 3 hours in water (ideally demineralized or slightly salted), then wipe them with a clean cloth.

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Elastic bracelet. Length 18cm (ideal for wrists from 16 to 19.5cm approximately). Weight +/- 16g. Diameter of the beads +/- 4mm
Article in natural stone: differences in appearance and colors are possible compared to the photographed model. Each item is unique, but always of equivalent quality.
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Object type
Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
Stones and Minerals
Rose Quartz
Virtues and benefits
Love and sensuality, Anti-stress and relaxation
Type of stone
Natural stone
Pearl size
Type of pearls
Clasp type
elastic bracelet without clasp
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