Bracelet elastic beads Amazonite - Symbol tree of life

Bracelet elastic beads Amazonite - Symbol tree of life

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Bracelet composed of approximately 21 beads amazonite natural + 1 symbol Tree of life in silver plated metal.

Elastic, it adapts its size to that of your wrist ! Therefore, it can be worn by any person irrespective of its morphology.

Diameter = 6.5 cm (expandable to 8 cm and +). Wrist 16 to 19 cm approximately.

Diameter of beads = 8mm. Stones rolled from "extra"quality = very hard, without any harshness, and with the whole range of reflections of the characteristics of this stone.

The Amazonite is a stone of calmness. -Wear it and you'll immediately feel a sense of inner peace and balance. The specialists of the minerals and rock give him the power to exacerbate our joy of living and our spontaneity. They would protect us also electromagnetic waves, such as those emitted by cell phones. It has a powerful energy, like the river whose name it bears, but yet she is able to tame and calm down the negativity and anger.

This stone encourages the truth, the courage and self-discovery.

Thetree of life is a universal image that carries a meaning very rich, both in symbolic and spiritual. Symbol of growth both physical and spiritual, thetree rises towards the sky (with its branches) while remaining firmly anchored in the soil (through its roots).


The amazonite takes its name from the Amazon River because it is in this region that it was discovered and named ;-)

The stones can help you in everyday life. But their use shall in no case be a substitute for medical advice.

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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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Semi-precious stones
multicolor, beige, turquoise
Patterns & Symbols
Tree of Life
Stones and Minerals
Virtues and benefits
Anti-stress and relaxation, Self-confidence & serenity
Type of stone
Natural stone
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elastic bracelet without clasp
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