Bracelet Mala 108 beads of lava Stone and Howlite - Symbol, Lotus flower
Bracelet Mala 108 beads of lava Stone and Howlite - Symbol, Lotus flower
Bracelet Mala 108 beads of lava Stone and Howlite - Symbol, Lotus flower

Bracelet Mala 108 beads of lava Stone and Howlite - Symbol, Lotus flower

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Bracelet tibetan, called Mala, is made up of 108 beads of lava stone and howlite (8mm) + 1 symbol Lotus Flower silver metal.

It comes in the form of a string of pearls elastic. Just wrap it around the wrist. Can also be worn as a necklace ;-)

Traditionally, the mala is an accessory that accompanies the believers, buddhists, and hindus in their prayers. But it is also highly used as fashion accessory by the lovers of exoticism, or of spirituality.

The lava stone natural, also called Basalt, is the result of volcanic eruptions, is obtained by the hardening of magma in contact with air or water. Responsible for magnetism, it is against negativity and helps us rediscover the joy and spontaneity, especially after times of difficult life situations. This is why the experts of the lithotherapie have called the "stone of reconstruction."

The howlite is known for dissolving the negative energies. Stone of inner peace, it is prized for its qualities drainage (ideal for dieting). The specialists of the lithotherapie use this pretty stone, marbled in sessions of meditation, transcendental, relaxation and anchoring.

The association of these 2 stones, one black, the other white, we return to the symbol Yin Yang. Of chinese origin, it is a representation of the duality of everything that exists. The Yin and Yang, the two fundamental energies and opposites are symbolized by the shape in black and white in the circle. They intertwine, until they become inseparable, and are the cause of everything that happens in this world.

The Yin Yang symbol is an icon of Zen. Use the search for inner peace !

The Lotus flower is a symbol of the spiritual accomplishment of the being.

WARNING : NON CONTRACTUAL PHOTO !!! the symbol of silver that you will receive is the lotus flower and not the buddha-like on the photo

The 108 beads that make up this mala are symbolic representations of the 108 trials that Buddha had to undergo, or of the 108 names that he uses.

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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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Patterns & Symbols
Flower, Lotus
Stones and Minerals
Associations of stones, White Howlite, Lava stone
Virtues and benefits
Meditation, Self-confidence & serenity
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elastic bracelet without clasp
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