Before you talk about the powers of stones, I would like to give you 2 tips that I consider essential to choose your jewel carries happiness in semi-precious stones.

1) Believe in the power of the stones !

The stones have really any power or are they mere pebbles inert ? This debate has been going on for centuries and is not about to dry up !

On the one hand, rational pure and hard who will never give up ever : for them, the stones have no power, not the slightest influence on us, point to the line ! On the other, the mystic illuminati, to which a rock crystal worn as a pendant can change your life from one day to the next day.

You know what ? According to me, the 2 are wrong ! The truth is more nuanced...

My next land-to-land calls me to be cautious and not expect too much of the stones : no, they will not settle all my problems in a blink of an eye, no, it will not make me a millionaire next week ! But another part of me asks : "can one claim to have solved all the mysteries of Nature ?". Because state loud and clear that the stones have no power is this : it is to proclaim that one has already understood everything and explained everything about the nature and its functioning. Who can claim this ? Person !

In contrast, I find that often, in the history of humanity, the natural stones have intrigued. It is very curious to see that civilizations still very far away from each other have to be granted comparable powers to stones that they had in common. Agate, for example, is a stone that has always and everywhere been associated with luck, success, courage, in self-fulfillment. Greeks, romans, egyptians, celts, vikings, sioux... These people have in common to have been fascinated by this stone, and grant powers very similar ! And this is true for many other stones...

So my advice is : believe in the power of the stones ! Yes, it is quite possible that a stone contains a snap, or I know not what mysterious energy that contributes to our well-being, or to improve your everyday life, without understanding exactly how it works ! Why not grant this part of the dream ? Believe in the power of stones, such as we hang on to hope a little bit crazy. Believe without basing all of your hopes, or entrusting your fate entirely to this belief.

Thus, I am convinced, that you have the best chance to benefit from the magic of the stones.

2) Choose a jewel that you really enjoy.

It is a belief in more personal, I entrust to you here. I am convinced that the stones can help us, it is necessary that a link is established between them and us.

You must feel attracted by the jewel talisman that you are going to offer you. It must be that it you like it really, that you want to wear it. Do not choose in priority the one in which the stones have the virtues and benefits that you are looking for, but rather the one that you typed in the eye !

I believe that if this trinket good luck charm you like a lot, it goes well with your style, then you wear it often and with pleasure. The famous link may be established. All the chances will be fulfilled for the magic of the stones to operate...

My stone fetishes.

To conclude this article, I provides you with a list of some of my stones favorite and virtues that are to be granted :

Amethyst : this beautiful stone violet is definitely the star of THE semi-precious stones in jewelry ! It grants him the power to calm our mind and free us from stress, away from the dark thoughts and other negative thoughts.

The moonstone : transparent, milky and iridescent reflections that give it a unique look... It is the stone of femininity par excellence. It is highly sought after for its beneficial effects on the fertility of women.

White opal : a style reminiscent of the moonstone. It is a stone to which it attaches a lot of differing virtues. Personally I use it as a stone of intuition, when important choices present themselves to me.

The turquoise : a sunny color ideal for the looks in summer. It is an excellent stone for protection and purification of the energies.

Agate : it can adorn 1001 shimmering colors ! It is the stone for you if you wait a little boost of fate ;)

Rose quartz : I love this crystal is pale pink that evokes the sweetness. This stone sharpens the love (maternal or conjugal), and opens us to the other.

Smoky quartz : transparent brown gives it a lot of class. It can help you stabilize mentally and emotionally by eliminating your fears and mood swings.

Lapis lazuli : a blue indigo that catches the eye ! It is said to be the stone of friendship because it frees us from fear and gives us courage to express ourselves.

Tiger eye : recognizable from 1000, with its hints of brown and gold. Attention, stone particularly powerful. It is especially used to ward off the evil eye.

The rock crystal : a transparent crystal very elegant. Very energetic, the rock crystal is considered as the best stone for protection.

Onyx : deep black and satin-finish makes the stone the more mysterious ! It is a stone of good fortune, which would also have the power to protect the pregnant woman and the life that it shelters.

Oh, there are many others, it is true ! I will have the opportunity to talk to you in a new article, very soon...

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And you, do you believe in the power of stones ?

What are your stones favorite ?

What are those that you have the most difficulty finding ?

Leave a comment and let's start the dialogue !

See you soon.