Tea is a beverage most popular in the world, and is chock full of benefits. However, it is eaten usually without knowing the least of its virtues. So what is it that the black tea has to offer us ? Make the point in this brief article.

The black tea, in addition to being a tasty hot beverage, is rich in antioxidants and contains only a small amount of sodium, protein and carbohydrates. Regularly consuming black tea is recommended to make the most of its properties. The more one drinks, the more the benefits are realized, without exceeding the 6 to 7 cups per day, of course.

10 benefits of black tea

The benefits of black tea on health have been proven by medical research. It is a drink with some amazing properties, which has the power to significantly improve our well-being. But in any case, the consumption of tea should not be a substitute for medical care. Therefore, it is important to see a specialist if you are experiencing a health problem.

  1. The black tea reduces the risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease.

According to the University of medicine of Boston, the antioxidants present in black tea help reduce the risk of contracting a cardiovascular disease in repairing the coronary artery. Drink 3 cups per day will reduce by 11% the chances of having a heart attack, compared with people not drinking a cup a day or less.

  1. The black tea improves dental hygiene.

The polyphenols present in black tea eliminates the bacteria responsible for cavities and prevents the enzymes from develop, in order to reduce the formation of dental plaque. To have a good oral hygiene, drinking black tea can only be beneficial !

  1. The black tea helps in digestion.

With anti-inflammatory virtues, the black tea is very good for treating digestive disorders, but also the gastric and intestinal diseases. So if you have a bit too much and eaten your meal you rest on the stomach, a small cup of black tea will allow you to continue your day normally by facilitating your digestion.

  1. Black tea reduces cholesterol.

A study conducted by the American Heart Association has shown that the consumption of black tea could significantly reduce the rate of cholesterol. According to this study, drinking 3 to 4 cups per day would be sufficient to reduce the risk of heart problems.


  1. The black tea reduces the risk of cancer.

Drinking black tea helps to prevent cancer, and particularly breast cancer in women. The tea increases the levels of hormones globulins during menstruation, and theaflavin in black tea destroys the abnormal cells of the body before they become cancer cells.

  1. The black tea improves the blood circulation.

Thanks, again, to the antioxidants contained in black tea, the blood circulation will be more fluid. There is also a reduction in the appearance of aging-related diseases.

  1. The black tea has virtues that are slimming.

Rich in catechins, active principles, properties diet, the black tea is a beverage effective if you want to lose a bit of weight. Attention, don't expect miracles ! Drinking black tea should not replace a healthy diet and physical activity. But it's still a good addition in the end of the day to reward the efforts made !

  1. The black tea acts against migraine and bad mood.

The black tea is good against the headache, leave the infuse and keep warm in your hands. Then, before you savor it, breathe in the smell warm and comforting that it releases. The bad mood will then be reduced by this moment of relaxation, and the migraine will be reduced.

  1. The black tea reduces asthma and treat the colds.

Hot drinks, such as black tea, relieve asthma by reducing the production of mucus. The black tea dilates our airway, breathing easier, and thus helps to reduce the discomfort caused by asthma or the common cold. Drink a good black tea will also tend to relieve the pain of the throat and thus the coughing, especially when it is mixed with a little honey, preferably organic.

  1. The black tea stimulates and refreshes.

Who said that a hot drink could not refresh ? The black tea refreshed our spirit but also our body, even more than a cool drink ! This may seem irrational to some, but the hot drinks such as tea (black, green or white) are actually more refreshing and thirst-quenching beverages cold. This is why it is advisable to consume the tea in particular during a heat wave and strong heat.

I bet you will not see the black tea as before, right ?

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