Tutorial : How to take advantage of your discounts Loyalty Coconut Papaya ?

You have already spent 1 or more orders on our online shop ? Thank you for your trust ! Th00is small guide explains you how to use your discounts loyalty. It is quick and easy, why deprive yourself ?

Step 1 : log in to your customer account Coconut Papaya.

In the bottom of the page, click on the "my account" link. Your username and password will be requested. You can also connect with your favorite app (Facebook, Paypal, Twitter, Yahoo, or Microsoft).


Step 2 : click on "my loyalty points".

On the my account page, click on the link "my loyalty points".

Mes points fidélité

Step 3 : convert your loyalty points into vouchers.

This operation is done in 1 click. You will then get a promo code (consisting of letters and numbers) that you can use on your next order.

Step 4 : Enjoy your discount !

When you have chosen your products on the online shop, move your mouse over the "Cart" button with the mouse pointer, then click on the green button "Order". You arrive on the page that summarizes your order.

In the "Good discount", enter the promo code obtained in the previous step, and then click the "Ok"button.


Bravo ! You have used your discount ! It remains for you to finalize your order by following the usual procedure.

We thank you for your confidence.

The crew Coco Papaya.


Tel : +33 (0) 9 83 51 40 88

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