Juju Hat Handmade Feathers and Shells Brown ø40cm on foot
Juju Hat Artisanal Feathers and Shells zoom shells
Juju Hat Handmade Feathers and Shells Brown ø40cm
Juju Hat Handmade Feathers and Shells Brown Wall Hanger

Juju Hat with brown feathers and shells ø40cm

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Do you know the authentic African feathered decoration that has become very trendy? This is the Juju Hat!

Diameter: about 40cm. Height with the foot: about 50cm. Materials: rooster feathers and natural shells. Foot (included): metal and wood. Handcrafted and fair trade. 1 wall clip on the back of the Juju Hat. Each piece is unique and may therefore have slight differences in appearance compared to the model photographed.

This Juju hat was handcrafted in accordance with the traditional Juju hat of Cameroon. Several hours of work are necessary for the realization of this sublime decorative object.

This very authentic model is covered with long feathers in shades of brown, beige and black. Its center is decorated with cowrie shells harmoniously arranged around larger shell.

Sold with its support, you can choose to put it on a piece of furniture, or hang it on the wall thanks to the fixing provided for this purpose.

The origin of Juju Hat before the decoration trend

Before being a very trendy ethnic decorative object, the Juju hat is a ritual headdress of the Bamileke ethnic group in Cameroon.

This ancestral traditional headdress is worn, during tribal ceremonies, by the great chief.

An important social marker, Juju Hat represents prosperity and is a sign of wealth.

During a funeral ceremony, the headdress is transmitted, from generation to generation, to the heir of the deceased.


Decorate your interior with several traditional Juju Hat

Now diverted into a decorative object to the delight of lovers of ethnic decoration, Juju Hat comes in several different ways.

In feather or raffia, small and largest, standing or hanging, colorful and discreet: there are all kinds!

Let your imagination speak to create the decoration of your dreams and enjoy the result. If you like ethnic or bohemian inspired decoration, this object will be perfect at home.

Indispensable in an ethnic style interior, you can put it on a nice piece of furniture to raise it. If you prefer wall decorations, you can remove its foot and hang it easily above your sofa or bed thanks to its buckle on the back.


A decoration with Juju Hat: The decoration tips of Kalya, interior decorator

Juju Hat have become very trendy in interior design. Already very appreciated by lovers of ethnic decoration and exceptional traditional objects, Juju hat have now conquered all those who appreciate modern and bohemian decoration.

Besides, I know you like it and that you are already wondering how to integrate this unique piece into your decoration.

Don't panic! I am here to give you my advice and inspire you to create your own decoration around this amazing object.


My decoration tips to dress a wall with Juju Hat

In your living room, bedroom or even hallway, do you have an empty and somewhat sad wall?

Here is my advice for creating an impressive mural: , choose 3 to 5 Juju hats of different sizes and colors and arrange them close to each other to form a harmonious shape that will dress a large part of the wall.

Why so many Juju hats? Because it is the combination of models of various sizes and colors that will create a visual effect of beauty. You can also combine Juju Hats with flat baskets made of woven plant materials (raffia, rattan, sea rush, etc ...).


My decoration tips to choose a Juju hat on foot

If you prefer the standing version of the Juju hat, here are my tips for choosing it.

Once installed on a nice piece of furniture, the Juju hat will present itself as a trophy. To choose it, you will have to take into account the other decorative elements already present in the room where you want to install it.

It is important to create a harmonious whole and therefore, to match the colors of your Juju hat, to those already present your decoration. This simple trick will allow you to choose the Juju hat that will best suit your home.

An idea: Place on your prettiest piece of furniture, two Juju hats of different sizes. The largest slightly behind the smallest? This will allow you to create a very attractive staging!

Do not miss the opportunity to add a touch of elegance and exoticism to your interior. Get our Juju Hat now and let its unique beauty transform your living space.
Diameter 40cm x height with the foot about 50cm
Object type
Shell / Mother-Of-Pearl, Feathers
brown / chocolate
Feathers, Feathers
Patterns & Symbols
Feathers, Shells
JUJU02677 Br