Assortment of incense Precious 5 perfumes / 40 sticks, Hem Precious.
Assortment of incense Precious 5 perfumes / 40 sticks, Hem Precious.
Assortment of incense Precious 5 perfumes / 40 sticks, Hem Precious.

Assortment of incense Precious 5 scents per 100 sticks, Hem

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Blend of 5 precious perfume. Incense natural brand HEM

Content : 5 pouches of 20 incense sticks, 100 sticks (length 23cm).

The range of "Precious" is the most prestigious of the brand indian HEM : they are made from 100% natural ingredients carefully selected by the manufacturer for their matchless qualities.

The 5 fragrances of this assortment precious :

  • Precious Chandan (sandalwood) : 1 case of 20 sticks
  • Precious Musk (Musk) : 1 case of 20 sticks
  • Précious Jasmine (Jasmine) : 1 case of 20 sticks
  • Précious Rose (Pink) : 1 case of 20 sticks
  • Precious Lavender (Lavender) : 1 case of 20 sticks

Like all products at the HEM, these incense are 100% natural and not tested on animals.

The precious perfume

Precious Chandan : One incense end, and typed, which is made with sandalwood indian selected. A best-selling, world renowned. Under : to be able to soothing and balancing.

Precious Musk : The scent refined, bewitching and slightly spicy musk gives a special charm to this incense. Under : the musk stimulates our imagination, our creativity, and our sensuality.

Précious Jasmine : Hem has selected the finest Jasmines from India to develop this incense the floral scent strong and intoxicating. Under : ideal for meditation, this incense creates an immediate sense of serenity.

Précious Rose : The delicate scent of hundreds of roses in bloom ! Under : relaxing, purifying, helps to fight depression.

Precious Lavender : An incense made with essential oils of lavender selected, Under : the lavender is known for its antiseptic properties, but also for its soothing properties : it promotes the atmosphere quiet and away from the negative waves.

With this range, "Hem Precious", find out 5 of the best incense in the world to perfume your interior and create a relaxing atmosphere.

Object type
Home fragrances
Natural asset
Sandalwood, Musk, Jasmine, Rose, Lavender
Olfactory families
Woody, Heady, Floral, Leather, Chypre

HEM Corporation is an indian company which exports its natural incense in the world.

Their sticks and incense cones are appreciated for the quality of the fragrances they provide, but also for the well-being they provide. Whether it is for a time of prayer and devotion, a massage session or relaxation, or simply to unwind after a day of work, you will certainly find an incense-HEM to give you that little moment of relaxation as expected !

All incense HEM are exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients such as powders of wood and flowers, medicinal plants, spices and essential oils.