Large singing bowl ø11cm Ganesh pattern and its accessories



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Singing bowl and its accessories for meditation and relaxation - Ganesh motif

Bowl: diameter: 11cm - material: brass - weight: 500gr / Velvet cushion: diameter 11cm (random color) / Wooden stick: long 19cm diameter 2.50cm / Handcraft imported from India

In Buddhist practice, singing bowls are used as a support for meditation and prayer. The use of singing bowls in Tibet is the subject of much debate and the origin of many stories: some say they are used for meditation while others think they are magical tools for meditation. transformation of oneself and of matter.

What is a singing bowl for?

When the bowl sings, the energies produce an exceptional sensation of well-being inside our body: the waves pass through our body and make the water that constitutes it vibrate. Tibetan singing bowls are mainly used for relaxation and meditation sessions.

The singing bowl "vibrates the heart" and rebalances the body by its vibrations. It re-harmonizes body and mind while promoting anchoring. ... In the same way that circular movement does not reproduce the same sound depending on its composition, everyone reacts differently to different vibrations

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How to make your bowl sing?

Get into a comfortable position and place the bowl in your outstretched left palm if you are right-handed and vice versa if you are left-handed. Your fingers should not touch the edges of the bowl so as not to block the sound. Hold the stick (or mallet) by the thinnest part and ring the bowl by gently knocking the stick against the edge of the bowl.

Another method is to make the bowl sing by rotating the mallet against and around its edge, which requires some pressure during the movement. This method is recommended for the more experienced.

It is in the palm of the hand that all the organs of the body are found. It is for this reason that singing the bowl there maximizes its effects.

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Object typeWell-being / Relaxation
Originhandcrafted and fair
Patterns & SymbolsGanesha
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