Statue Ganesh en bronze H40cm. Crafts asian.



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Imposing statue in solid bronze depicting Ganesh, the hindu god with elephant head.

Dimensions : height 40 x width 20 x depth 13cm approximately. Weight = 3kg approximately. Material : solid bronze.

Whether it's his arms, the objects he carries, or even the mouse seems to bow down at his feet, all these things have meanings unique and interesting :

  • The head of an elephant symbolizes the qualities of the elephant : calm, wise and strong.
  • The large ears reflect the fact that they listen to is capital.
  • The small eyes materialize the concentration.
  • The axe for cutting the bonds of attachment to material desires
  • The club : the weapon of choice of lord Ganesh.
  • Mouth : speak less and value your words.
  • The wrong : the adaptation to its environment.
  • A large stomachfor digesting peacefully all the good and the less good in life.
  • Rope : to pull a person away from the evil of this world, and we shoot towards the good we all seek.
  • The mouse, which symbolizes the desire : restless, impatient and never still. It must be controlled.
  • The king cobra as a belt : a symbol of protection.

Seen from the front, the trunk of Ganesha is on the right side, as in the temples of the world. With the wrong to the right, the statue represents the Pingala Nadi (current of opposite to that of the Ida Nadi) which is related to the energy, not lunar, but solar.

This sumptuous bronze statue, end of the crafts of indonesia, is a room of exception with many of the details and quality of workmanship. It will probably become the undoubted star of your ethnic decoration !

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In the culture of hinduism, lord Ganesh (or Ganesha) is in some sense the "god-luck" who asks for a favor, or a little help to achieve its objectives. It is for this reason that it is so often present in temples, and that he received mountains of offerings !

The stories about the origin of Ganesha are many, but the most frequent is the one where Parvati, the consort of Shiva, wanted to take a bath, she then confided to the custody of the house to Ganesh, forbidding him to let go anyone. What did Ganesh, even when Shiva himself came and expressed his wish to return.
Shiva, who was not familiar with Ganesh, sent his most ferocious fighters that were dug by Ganesh. Shiva, shocked to see such strength in this young man, cut her head.
Parvati, finding her son beheaded, was taken to a rage, and Shiva, to appease, and discovering that he had killed his own son, ordered to fix on the body of the boy the head of the first creature that would cross the path. It was an elephant.

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Object typeDecoration
OriginHandcrafted and fair
Patterns & SymbolsGanesha
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