Aroma diffuser electric room for the house cheap.
Aroma diffuser electric room for the house cheap.
Aroma diffuser electric room for the house cheap.
Aroma diffuser electric room for the house cheap.

Diffuser gentle heat "Cozy" for home fragrances and essential oils.

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Victim of his own success !

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A fragrance dispenser interior easy-to-use, efficient, modern and stylish design !

Dimensions : diameter 12,5 cm / height 7cm. Material : porcelain enameled white. Diffusion area = 20m2 approximately. Supplied with manual in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

The Cozy is the diffuser a perfect opportunity to introduce them to the benefits of aromatherapy : place a few drops of essential oils in the reservoir located on the top of the camera, turn on the switch, and you will feel instantly the scents spread through the room. You can also use it with pellets of wax scented or fragrance extracts to spread.

Its main advantages :

- Great ease of use and maintenance.

- System of automatic regulation studied to bring the essential oils to the temperature distribution is ideal, without changing their nature.

- Indicator light indicating if the unit is in operation.

- A beautiful object with a modern look and fine finishing.

Also available in black in our shop online.


The Cozy is the perfect device for those who want to discover the benefits of aromatherapy with ease, and at reasonable prices. Its versatility will allow you to use it to disseminate different types of fragrances such as essential oils or the square melters of scented wax.

Its design is sober and modern, in fact, an object that will easily find its place in all parts of the house, regardless of their style of decoration.

Production quality adhering to the european standards, all our broadcasters electrical are guaranteed for 1 year.

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Home fragrances

Created there are more than 10 years in the south of France, Zen'Aroma is born from the passion of a woman for nature and alternative medicine. During his travels around the world, her interest has focused on the benefits of aromatherapy and the drive to create Zen'Aroma to share her passion.

Zen'Aroma draws its inspiration from what nature brings of best for the well-being of each one :

- Each essential oil is the fruit of careful research designed to achieve a high level of quality of scent and therapeutic.

- All essential oils Zen-Aroma are 100% pure and natural, undiluted, non-deterpénées, non-rectified, not reconstituted.

They are also all chémotypées : this technical detail can ensure that the active ingredient whose therapeutic properties are recognized is present in the essential oil.

For the atmospheric diffusion, the essential oils Zen'Aroma will seduce you with their fragrance and well-being it can provide.

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