Alep soap with orange blossom. Alep soap natural fragrant.
Alep soap with orange blossom. Alep soap natural fragrant.

Alep soap 100g perfumed with orange blossom.

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Real soap of Aleppo, perfumed with orange blossom.

This soap is made by hand by a master soap of Aleppo, according to the ancestral method. It is 100% natural and vegetable, dye-free, preservative-free, and without artificial additives.

It is enriched with 8% oil of bay laurel which makes it even more gentle to the skin.

This soap of Aleppo is appropriate for the shampoo daily, the cleaning of the face, hands and whole body, in the bath or under the shower. You will enjoy its delicate, natural fragrance with orange flower water to make the toilet a moment of true pleasure.

Net weight : 100g.

Ingredients : olive Oil, oil of bays of laurier, water, soda, natural scent to orange blossom.

Ingredients INCI : Olivate, Aqua, Sodium laurus Nobiliate, Sodium hydroxide, fragrance.

Instructions for use in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish and Polish.

Recommendations :

  • Do not swallow, avoid contact with the eyes and the mouth.
  • Keep the soap dry after use.

The benefits of the soap of Aleppo :

  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin in depth.
  • It helps to fight against skin allergies and some diseases such as psoriasis, atopic dermatitis or acne.
  • It is naturally antiseptic, and rich in vitamins E.
  • All these qualities make this soap ideal for washing babies and sensitive skins.

Object type
Beauty / Cosmetics
Skin type
Mature skin, Mixted to oily skin, Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin
Moisturizing / Nourishing, Anti-imperfections treatment, Purifying care
Enriched with vegetable oils, Cruelty-free, No artificial colors or preservatives, Without palm oil, No ingredient of animal origin, Paraben free, Sulphate free
Natural asset
Olive, Laurel, Neroli / Orange blossom

Respect for the ancestral manufacturing method of Aleppo soap.

In 4000 BC, the Syrians discovered the benefits of skin hygiene thanks to the soaps they developed based on olive oil and ash from tree roots.

2000 years later, the master soap makers of Aleppo developed a process which made it possible to manufacture this soap in large quantities. This process was then disseminated in other civilizations, in particular by the Crusaders, who established it in Marseille.

Today, the reputation of genuine Aleppo soap remains intact : it is probably the best soap in the world for skin hygiene. In addition to its remarkable moisturizing, nourishing and antiseptic properties, Aleppo soap helps fight against certain skin diseases such as acne, psoriasis, or atopic dermatitis.

The Alepeo company is recognized for having known how to preserve the authenticity of real Aleppo soap, in particular by maintaining the traditional manufacturing method.

Natural and organic soaps.

All Alepeo products are made exclusively from natural ingredients, without the addition of artificial additives. The presence of the "Cosmos" ECOCERT label (a label which exclusively distinguishes organic and natural cosmetics) on a large part of the Alepeo range, assures you of the best level of quality available today on the market.

Cosmos Natural Ecocert certification
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