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Perfume extract mood developed in Grasse (France).

Perfume : "Aphrodisiac". Capacity = 15ml (glass vial with cap screw).

Ideal for perfuming indoor air, the perfume extract can be used in different ways :

  • In a diffuser of air freshener (diffuser ultrasonic, heat, soft diffuser, diffuser by capillary action, brule-fragrance candle...). Mix a few drops of perfume with water to instantly enjoy the scent chosen.
  • In the water of a fountain inside : the flow perpetual of the water releases the particles perfumed the air.
  • In the car, using a diffuser with a cigarette lighter socket.
  • Or even to rekindle a pot-pourri, deodorize a closet or some textiles...
  • You have the creative soul ? Mix the extracts of fragrance of your choice and create your own fragrance house !

Efficient and cost-effective, the perfume extract is so concentrated, just a few drops to scent a room for long hours !

With its fruity notes, and sweet, "Aphrodisiac" is a fragrance that evokes the sweetness, the pleasure and the sensuality. It creates a climate conducive to eroticism and frees up our libido.

Precautions of use : substance is non-food, keep out of the reach of children, do not drink, avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes, do not apply on surfaces polished, varnished, or plastic-coated. Do not discharge in the environment or in wastewater.


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The strengths of our extracts, perfume of atmosphere of Grasse :

  • A great choice of scents available in the store to change according to your mood...
  • Possibility of mixing scents to develop your own creations smell.
  • A sweet atmosphere of quality, highly concentrated, can be used with the devices of scattering the most popular.

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Object typeHome fragrances
Olfactory familiesFruity, Powdery
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acheté  Par Renaud M. le  04 Jan 2023 (Extract environment perfume - Aphrodisiac - 15ml) :


Mélange de fragrances plutôt florales et sucrées.. Je m'attendais à plus de suavité.

acheté  Par Armelle B. le  01 Apr 2021 (Extract environment perfume - Aphrodisiac - 15ml) :

Notes sensuelles

Quel parfum incroyable... je l’utilise pour chez moi, il porte bien son nom! Il parfume durant des heures, s’utilise avec un brule parfum! Je l’allume le matin et le soir, quelques goutes suffisent dans le brûle parfum, lorsque j’allume mon photophore le matin une heure et que je rentre à la maison 12H après ce parfum est toujours là! Quel bonheur de rentrer dans une maison cocooning à commencer par une odeur envoûtante aussi ...

acheté  Par Fabrice K. le  24 Feb 2021 (Extract environment perfume - Aphrodisiac - 15ml) :

bon produit

sent très bon et dure longtemps dans le diffuseur

acheté  Par Patricia P. le  02 Feb 2021 (Extract environment perfume - Aphrodisiac - 15ml) :

Le top

Pour moi le meilleur ! Légèrement sensuel , un brin envoûtant mais sans excès

acheté  Par Sébastien F. le  30 Jan 2020 (Extract environment perfume - Aphrodisiac - 15ml) :

Superbe odeur

Une odeur super agréable et très concentré, quelques gouttes suffisent pour pouvoir profiter d'un parfum d'ambiance.

Created there are more than 10 years in the south of France, Zen'Aroma is born from the passion of a woman for nature and alternative medicine. During his travels around the world, her interest has focused on the benefits of aromatherapy and the drive to create Zen'Aroma to share her passion.

Zen'Aroma draws its inspiration from what nature brings of best for the well-being of each one :

- Each essential oil is the fruit of careful research designed to achieve a high level of quality of scent and therapeutic.

- All essential oils Zen-Aroma are 100% pure and natural, undiluted, non-deterpénées, non-rectified, not reconstituted.

They are also all chémotypées : this technical detail can ensure that the active ingredient whose therapeutic properties are recognized is present in the essential oil.

For the atmospheric diffusion, the essential oils Zen'Aroma will seduce you with their fragrance and well-being it can provide.

Contains : (E)-3-methyl-4-)2,6,6-trimethyl-1-cyclohex-2-enyl, alpha-isomethyl ionone, benzyl alcohol, coumarin, (4R)-dextro-limonene, geraniol, 4-hydroxy-4-methylpentyl, HICC lyral, linalool, 4-tert-butylphenyl, lilial (Repr 2)