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White sage Apiana California Esoterra 25-30g

White sage Apiana California Esoterra 25-30g

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Sage Blanche Apiana California unit 25-30g

Containment: 25-30g white sage wrapped in 11cm string. Sold to the unit.

In the Amerindian tradition, burning white sage purifies a place, increases wisdom and increases concentration. It is a rite of purification and protection.

Vertus de la Sauge Blanche: purifies the air of the house and objects, improves mood, relieves respiratory diseases, relieves stress, fights sleep disorders, and improves memory.

Ideal for perfumed indoor air, here's how to use this roller:

- Light the end of the roller with a match.

- As with incense, let it burn for 2 to 3 seconds and then blow on the flame.

- Once the flame is extinguished, thick smoke is released and gives way to the sweet scent of sage.

- Browse your living space to purify it for a few moments.

- Allow the roll to burn gently in a container where the ashes will settle.

Be sure to check the end to make sure the embers are completely extinguished.

A natural scent

Burning sage to purify and deodorize objects or living space is much more natural than using chemicals that are dangerous to your health!

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Opt for this bundle of white sage mixed with rose petals in the colors of the 7 Chakras for a deeper purification
Dimensions: 11cm approximately. Weight 25 to 35g
Follow the instructions for use indicated on the packaging.
Object type
Home fragrances
Patterns & Symbols
7 Chakras
Virtues and benefits
Anti-stress and relaxation, Concentration and creativity, Protection / healing / purification
Natural asset
Olfactory families
Fresh, Vegetal