Palo Santo shavings from Peru - 50g

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Higher quality for these "chips" of sacred wood from South America

Packaging: 1 packet of Palo Santo chips - 100% natural, pure and untreated wood - 50gr

Palo Santo, known as "Sacred Wood or Holy Wood" has a rich, bewitching, sweet and woodyfragrance.

Palo Santo is a wood prized for its exceptional fragrance and purifying virtues. Eliminatenegative energies, purify the atmosphere and welcome positivity and luck into your home.

These chips sold in 50 gram bags are very convenient to use: choose the amount of chips to burn according to your needs.

Precautions: Place a small handful of chips directly in a heat-resistant container or on a charcoal, light them with a lighter or match and let them burn for about 30 seconds. Blow the flame and let the smoke appear.

Use in a well-ventilated room.  Never let it burn unattended. Do not swallow, do not inhale. Do not leave children within reach.

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Discover this mystical smell

The Palo Santo is a sacred tree typical of the South American Pacific coast. It has been used since the dawn of time by the peoples of South America for its purifying and soothingproperties.

Thesmell of this wood is pleasant, sweet, woody and above all unique.

This is one of the best natural methods to purify the atmosphere of your home and evacuate negative energies. The smoke emitted by combustion (the method of fumigation) will allow you to find a soothing and pleasantly fragrant space.

Did you know that? The smoke of Palo Santo can also purify your minerals and jewelry in natural stones! Just hold them above the smoke for a few minutes.

These wood chips are natural, pure and untreated.

Object typeHome fragrances, Well-being / Relaxation
Natural assetPalo Santo
Olfactory familiesWoody
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