Collar Angélite (Anhydrite) AAA - pendant stone rolled + cord
Collar Angélite (Anhydrite) AAA - pendant stone rolled + cord
Collar Angélite (Anhydrite) AAA - pendant stone rolled + cord
Collar Angélite (Anhydrite) AAA - pendant stone rolled + cord
Collar Angélite (Anhydrite) AAA - pendant stone rolled + cord

Donut or Pi Chinese Angélite 3cm + cord | Pendant or bracelet

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Donut (or disk Pi chinese) in Angélite natural with 1 cord available.

Diameter of the donut = 30mm. Natural stone : some of the details of the aspect of the stone may vary slightly from the model photographed.

Cord length = 100cm approximately. Material : cotton waxed cord.

The disk Pi chinese, also called a Donut because of its resemblance to the pastry of the same name, is a good-luck chinese. According to traditional belief, it brings security and wealth to its wearer.

This Pi Chinese Angélite of Peru natural comes with a cord-black (offered) which will allow you to wear it on a bracelet or necklace (see explanation in photo).

Beautiful stone in the blue dress blade, the lovers lithotherapie consider the Angélite (also called anhydrite), as a stone of gentleness and serenity. It would strengthen our abilities of spirit communication.

Virtues of lithotherapie of the stone angélite

The angélite allows sensitive individuals to strengthen their links with their spiritual guide and establish a communication with him. The latter may take various forms, such as visions, dreams, or signs to interpret... It would also bring calm, inner peace and patience to the wearer.

On the physical plane, she can accept her body as it is and therefore promotes self-acceptance. It also acts against bloating and water retention.

Sign of the zodiac associated with the stone angélite

The angélite is mainly recommended to people born in the sign of Aquarius.

Chakra on which is the stone angélite

The stone, placed on the throat chakra, one could say honestly what we think.

Purification and reloading of theangélite

To cleanse your jewelry or stones rolled in angélite, you can let them rest in a glass of distilled water for several hours. Then, wipe carefully with a clean cloth.

To recharge your energy, expose them to the light of the sun for 2 to 3 hours. The angélite can also be recharged when it is placed on a cluster of rock crystal or amethyst.

Delivery method
Small item (deliverable in envelope), Standard item
Object type
Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Semi-precious stones
Stones and Minerals
Virtues and benefits
Self-confidence & serenity, Spirituality and clairvoyance
Type of stone
Natural stone
Type of pearls
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