Rain stick Craft Bamboo and Rattan 50cm, elongated
Rain stick Craft Bamboo and Rattan 50cm, Detail, pattern gecko
Rain stick Craft Bamboo and Rattan 50cm, detail rope hook
Rain stick Craft Bamboo and Rattan 50cm, Musical Instrument

Rain stick bamboo 50cm ground Gecko

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Rain stick 50cm natural bamboo pattern gecko, and decor how pointillism hand painted

Dimensions : length 50cm, diameter 5.5 cm, approximately. Materials : bamboo and rattan, finish satin varnish. Home cotton

Musical Instrument, or decorative object made by craftsmen in the framework of the trade fair. The decor and the reason gecko is hand-painted and therefore may vary slightly from the model photographed.

The history of the rain stick over time, and traditions

The Rain stick or a rain stick is a musical instrument primitive of the category of idiophones, used for millennia by shamans of various ethnic groups to call the rain.

In Melanesia, the rain stick is called a "talking stick" because it is used as an hourglass sound and allows to record the speaking time of each speaker.

Used as a musical instrument in several regions of the world, it takes several rain sticks of different lengths to reproduce as faithfully as possible the sound of a downpour. The effect is startling of realism !

The salamander : an animal of tropical and lucky

The reptile painted on this instrument has several names : salamander, lizard, margouillat, or gecko. The latter was given to him, because it is the cry that pushes the male in rut to attract and seduce the female.

In tropical countries, the Gecko is considered good luck, as it eats mosquitoes, so + gecko = less bites = less disease !

In other cultures, the salamander symbolizes immortality or the spiritual ascension. Some african tribes give him the power to protect us from the fire...

A handcrafted for an object that is authentic and unique

We have been working for many years, in the framework of fair trade, with artisans exception. Many hours of work have been necessary to the realization of this instrument of ethnic music. Entirely hand-made, it is possible to distinguish some differences compared to the model photographed. These differences make each rain stick, an object unique and authentic.

100% natural materials

You will not find this rain stick in any large sign decoration ! Far from a manufacturing and industrial, this authentic instrument made only of bamboo, rattan and seeds. This beautiful object of decoration is the proof that we can do wonderful things with what we find in nature.

Pointillism : the technique of painting chosen for the decoration of the instrument

Our artisans have chosen the technique of pointillism to decorate the rainsticks. This method is to create patterns of dots, rather than solid colors. This way of painting is very original and brings a certain style to the decoration of the instrument.

Primitive musical instrument used for millennia by shamans of various ethnicities to call rain. Turn it over like an hourglass and the seeds inside drain producing the sound of a rain shower
Length 50 x diameter 5.5cm approximately. Variable patterns and decorations compared to the model photographed. Cotton fastener. Not suitable for children under 3 years old
This article may present slight imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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