Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.



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Box of introduction to massage with the hot stones.

Content : 5 pebbles of basalt delivered in their cardboard box. Dimensions : 6cm x 5 cm x 1.8 cm approximately (each roller). Total weight : 950g approx.

Offer a moment of intense relaxation to a person who is dear to you ! To perform a hot stone massage, here's everything you'll need :

  • This set of 5 pebble of basalt.
  • A massage oil or an essential oil.
  • Hot water (hot tap water is suitable).

The 5 pebbles are basalt a natural volcanic rock soft and smooth, which has the property to store the sustainable heat, and then release it slowly. The shape of the pebbles is ideal for a good grip.

The association of this gentle heat with the movements of pressure and friction exercised by the massager, it provides the following benefits to the person massaged :

  • lowers stress, reduces nervous and muscular tension.
  • relieves pain,
  • stimulates the blood circulation,
  • detoxifies the muscles and the epidermis
  • Feeling of well-being, physical and psychic.

A massage technique originated in China, dating back over 4000 years and still very much used today, to test absolutely : the "Hot Stone Therapy".

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How to easily participate in a massage with the techniques of hot stone in your own home ?

The best way to discover all the benefits of a hot stone massage is to provide this care in a institute renamed. The expert hands of a professional that is trained and equipped are guaranteed to receive an unforgettable massage !

To provide the highest standard of care, the professional has special training, experience, and usually has a specific equipment : a massage table, massage oils, many pebbles of basalt of all shapes and sizes (for different parts of the body), and a furnace "hot stone" which carries the rollers to the perfect temperature.

I do not have this equipment and have not practiced a lot of massages ! Can I still do a hot stone massage at home ?

Yes, of course !

We don't always have the time or the financial means to give us a massage institute. And, even without being as skilled as a pro, he is still very good to be able to offer or receive a good massage, at home ! Even if you are a beginner, the benefits will be waiting for you. So why deprive yourself ?

Here's how to easily participate in a hot stone massage at home :

  • The person who will receive the massage should be bare-chested, sitting comfortably, lying on the belly (on a bed, for example).
  • The massage therapist heats up the stones in warm water 50/60°C for approximately 15 minutes. The easiest way to do this is to use the hot water from the faucet because it is already at the right temperature. Fill a pot of hot water from the tap. Place the pebbles of basalt at the bottom of the pan, then heat the pan to very low heat. The goal here is not to increase but to maintain the temperature of the water at about 50/60°C.
  • During this time, the masseur will apply a massage oil or an essential oil on the back of the receiver, and then practice the first movement (pressure, friction, flicks). We do not recommend the use of essential oils if you are not accustomed to the use. If you don't have essential oil, or massage oil, a coconut oil organic will be perfect for this first test.
  • When the pebbles are heated for 15 minutes, the massager out of the water. It should be able to hold in the hand without burning. Otherwise, let cool a few moments.
  • The massage continues, but this time the massager uses rollers to perform the movements of pressures and frictions on the areas to relieve. The person being massaged can guide its movements towards the desired areas. You will observe, at this moment, that the shape, the texture and the material of the pebbles are perfect ! Repeat the massage oil if the rollers do not slide well on the skin. This phase can last from approximately 10 to 20 minutes.
  • When the massage is nearing its end, but before the stones are completely cold, the masseur lays at regular intervals, along the spine, from the base of the neck to the bottom of the back. It is at this time that the person massaged is beginning to really feel the benefits of massage, and a strong feeling of relaxation. Let's enjoy this moment as much as it wants to.

Congratulations, you just practice your first hot stone massage ! The whole team Coco Papaya wish you many and intense moments of well-being !

Object typeWell-being / Relaxation
HeightLess than 10cm
Stones and MineralsLava stone
Type of stoneNatural stone
Skin typeMature skin, Mixted to oily skin, Normal skin, Dry skin, Sensitive skin
NeedsToning treatment, Relaxing / Anti-stress
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acheté  Par Estelle C. le  16 May 2021 (Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.) :

Massage pierres chaudes

Vraiment très relaxant ! Adopté par toutes les personnes qui ont reçues ce massage.

acheté  Par Damien B. le  17 Feb 2021 (Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.) :

Agréable et bon rapport qualité prix

Je cherchais des pierres pour faire des massages à la maison et je suis tombé sur celles ci. Elles sont de très bonne qualité, de taille parfaite pour utiliser sur le dos et très agréable à manipuler. Le rapport qualité prix est vraiment génial . Je les recommande

acheté  Par Magali T. le  06 Dec 2020 (Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.) :

Divin !

Sensation divine après avoir chauffé les pierres. Comme au salon de massage...

acheté  Par Sophie R. le  16 Nov 2020 (Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.) :


Très contente de mon achat.
Relaxation garantie avec ces pierres chaudes

acheté  Par Mickael D. le  09 Feb 2020 (Box of hot stone massage. 5 pebble of basalt.) :

Tres satisfaite

Un bon moment de détente grâce aux galets.
Facile d'utilisation et très très très agréable. Je recommande les yeux fermés !!!