Balls massage Qi Gong motif Yin-Yang - 45mm



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Balls harmonies

This set of 2 massage balls chinese black pattern Yin Yang in a pretty box in fabric blue.

Each metal ball measure 4.5 cm in diameter.

Contains an instruction manual in English detailing the various acupuncture points.

The benefits of balls of Qi Gong

This method of reflexology is traditionally used to harmonize the energies of the body, the vital energy (Qi) through the acupressure points. The massage accompanied by the sound soothing will come to relax and relax the body, calm and focus the mind and promote concentration.


Take the two balls in one hand and do the roll next to the other ensuring change of direction of rotation and then in hand. This gesture is going to come stimulate the acupuncture points, which, allied to the sweet sound of the balls out, will come to soothe the mind and improve concentration.

It is recommended to practice this activity regularly, about 10 minutes per day to improve your well-being.

The balls can also be manipulated under the soles of the feet.

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Learn more on the balls of Qi Gong

How to properly use the balls of health in china ?

The objective, with the balls of baoding, is to maintain a pressure over the maximum of the acupressure points present on the hands, in order to act on the well-being of the rest of the body. To do so, it will take the two balls of relaxation chinese in one hand and rotate one around the other, avoiding to touch each other.

Over time of practice, you will be able to perform this exercise with 3 or 4 different balls, as is done in china.

You can also use the balls of Qi Gong in the context of reflexology plantar roll the foot to massage the various acupuncture points.

How to maintain his balls of relaxation ?

After each use, wipe the balls with a soft cloth, and then store them in a clean place and protected from moisture, such as in their original box for example.

Why is the Yin Yang ?

Before being an object that is used in chinese medicine, the balls of Qi Gong used as a musical instrument. The balls were hollow and contained in their centre an element, iron, to the a created a deep sound, and for the other a sharp sound. This difference represents the principles of Yin and Yang, and symbolises the roar of the dragon and the song of the phoenix.

Object typeWell-being / Relaxation
Colorblack & white
Patterns & SymbolsYin & Yang
Virtues and benefitsConcentration and creativity, Anti-stress and relaxation
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