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  • Alepeo

    Here is our range of traditional and natural Aleppo soaps from the Alepeo brand.

  • AquaSilice

    AquaSilice is a French brand of natural silicon-based cosmetic care .

  • Aromafume

    Aromafume products were born through a family business founded in 1900, a lineage spanning 5 generations in the incense and perfumery sector. The secret recipe has been passed down for several generations.

    Their products are hypoallergenic, phthalate-free, nature-friendly and CFC-free. Non-ozone-destroying.

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  • Ashleigh & Burwood London

    The range of home fragrances expands at Coco Papaya with Ashleigh & Burwood London catalysis lamps and their liquid refills.

    Discover now this unique range and a new way to perfume your living space!

  • Benecos

    Benecos is a German brand of natural cosmetics created in 2008.

    All of their products are Vegan certified and are formulated with ingredients from nature.

  • Bio4You

    Discover the natural and organic cosmetic treatments from the French brand Bio4You!

  • Coco Lithothérapie

    We now offer our own range of jewellery in semi-precious stones.

  • Coco-Packs

    You love good deals ? Check out the Coco-Packs and make great savings !

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  • Comptoir des Huiles

    Madagascar's plant wonders for the health and beauty of your skin!

    Since 2008, "Comptoir des Huiles" has been designing its own range of organic cosmetics with precious oils from Madagascar. Immediately test this range that blew the Coco Papaya crew away!

  • Drake Home Fragrances

    Our fragrances of the belgian manufacturer Drake.

  • Eliah Sahil

    Our organic powder shampoos and other natural products from the Austrian brand Eliah Sahil .

  • English Tea Shop

    Enjoy tasty teas and infusions are certified organic and fair under the brand of "English Tea Shop". One stop sensory not to be missed under no pretext !

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  • Gift Morocco

    Discover oriental beauty secrets with Gift Morocco, our premium brand of natural cosmetics based on organic argan oil.

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  • Goa

    Coco Papaya has selected for you the diffusers and ambient fragrances of the French brand Goa,which is mainly known for its Goatiers: passive diffusers with rattan rods offering a wide range of skilfully elaborated scents, which have made its success internationally!

  • Goloka

    Our natural incense indian brand Goloka.

  • HEM

    Our natural incense indian brand HEM.

  • Himalaya Herbals

    Discover and test our Ayurvedic cosmetics and beauty products from the Himalaya Herbals brand.

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  • Holy Lama

    Discover here our range of natural products of the brand "Holy Lama".

  • House of Nature

    Discover here tou

    s our decorative items of the Dutch brand House of Nature.

  • Le Chatelard 1802

    Discover here our range of real Marseille soaps from the French brand "Le Chatelard". And yes ! Coco Papaya, boutique du monde, can also promote French products!

  • Maroma

    Here are our certified fair trade products from the Indian company Maroma.

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  • Morning Star - Nippon Kodo

    Japanese incense: Morning Star or Nippon Kodo?

    Looking for Japanese incense and can't remember if you prefer Morning Star or Nippon Kodo? Don't panic, we explain everything!

    Morning star is a range of the Nippon Kodo brand that was founded in Japan in 1575 by Takai Juemon (known as "Koju"), a master craftsman in the art of incense, who supplied the Emperor of Japan and his court.

    He had a reputation for producing perfumes as exquisite as they were rare, and precious! This must have been true since today, more than 400 years later, his work is perpetuated by the Nippon Kodo brand, the most famous in his country, and one of the most respected in the world of home perfumery.

    The Morning Star range was launched by Nippon Kodo in the 60s when the Japanese firm began selling its production in the USA. Inspired by Mainichiko, the "everyday incense", this collection of high-quality incense has become a classic of contemporary Japanese incense, acclaimed around the world.

    Perhaps the most refined incense that exists...

    In Japan "kōdō" refers to the art of appreciating perfumes, which could almost be compared to oenology. The scents are meticulously studied, and this experience would allow to feel a feeling of fullness and serenity.

    The incense of the Nippon Kodo brand, and the Morning Star range in particular, are made with this concern for excellence and the desire to respect the authenticity of Takai Juemon's original recipes.

    You too, light a stick of Nippon Kodo incense and linger on the scents that emanate from it... A typical Japanese experience to try at least once in your life, especially for perfume lovers!

    Would you like to learn more about Japanese traditions and culture?

    Discover also our ranges of Feng Shui and Zen decoration!

  • Myu-nique

    Our facial care masks from the Korean brand Myu-nique.

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  • Najel

    Our Aleppo soaps and natural cosmetics from the Najel brand.

  • Numi Tea

    Let's change the world by drinking tea with Numi Tea!

    The Coco Papaya crew did not hesitate for long before selecting the Indian brand Numi Tea for you ...

    Let's find out why.

  • Or Tea ?

    With "Or Tea?" rediscover tea through delicious recipes combining tradition and modernity ...

  • Padmini

    Our natural incense indian brand Padmini.

  • Pavilion

    Try the delicious organic ayurvedic teas and infusions from the Pavilion brand !

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  • Satya - Shrivinas Sugandhalaya

    Our products of the mark Satya - Shrivinas Sugandhalaya (Incense natural indian).

  • Shoti Maa

    Discover here our Ayurvedic teas and infusions from the Indian brand Shoti Maa.

  • Sun & Sia

    Between travels, discoveries and passion, Sun & Sia is a young French brand whose history is similar to ours... Discover or rediscover their beauty and well-being products to break with everyday stress.

  • Tabiano

    Discover here our range of natural bio-sulfur soaps and cosmetics from the Italian brand Tabiano.

  • Vijayshree

    Our natural incense of the brand Vijayshree Golden Nag.

  • Zen'Arôme

    Our essential oils & diffusers of the French brand Zen'Aroma.