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Door-key-Crystal-rock - raw Stone



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Key chains made of a high in-crystal-real rock (natural stone gross).

Total length : 10 to 12 cm. Tip Dimensions : length = 4 to 6cm approximately, width = 1.5 to 3.5 cm. Weight = 20 to 30g approximately.

Here is a key ring really out of the ordinary ! It consists of a beautiful rough stone natural to which has been added a metal ring to hang your keys.

Are you aware of the power of the stones ?

The rock crystal is the stone of queen of the lithotherapie. It is both a transmitter, a receiver and amplifier of positive energies that gives us the strength to go forward in all circumstances, and protects us from bad outside influences.

Here, the stone has been cut in peak shape in a large piece of rock crystal natural. Of course, in the case of a raw material, the appearance of the key holder and of a stone may slightly vary from the photographed models.

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Virtues of lithotherapie rock Crystal

The rock crystal emits a powerful energy that many people feel just by touching it for a few seconds.

But its main quality is that it also stores the energies of the surroundings, purifies and amplifies them before you redistribute them. The rock crystal is, therefore, particularly interesting when it is combined with other stones and minerals, because it increases their influence in a positive way.

Used or worn only in jewelry, the rock crystal will be primarily on our faculties of perception extra sensory : it is widely used in the field of esotericism to increase the capacity of clairvoyance, intuition, or telepathy. This is why the blind often use a crystal ball !

Signs of the zodiac associated with the rock Crystal

The rock crystal is not linked to an astrological sign in particular, and can therefore be worn by the natives of all signs of the zodiac, without distinction.

Chakra which is the rock Crystal

The rock crystal is a stone of translucent, its action occurs primarily at the level of the 6th chakra (coronal) and 7th chakra (third eye).

Purification and reloading of rock Crystal

The rock crystal has the characteristic of being able to purify and recharge other minerals. To do this, just place a jewel of lithotherapie, or a stone rolled on a cluster of crystal, or inside a geode crystal, for a few hours.

This does not preclude that the rock crystal should be cleansed and recharged. To cleanse your jewelry or crystals of rock crystal, it is sufficient to plunge them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized or slightly salty), and then wipe with a clean cloth.

To recharge your energy, and expose them to natural light for 2 to 3 hours. Attention to the reflection effect of the rock crystal with sunlight : this could cause a fire ! The rock crystal may also be charged up to the moonlight, which is more prudent.

Important : the therapeutic properties of stones are given for information only from lessons learned from reference books on the Lithotherapie. Such information must in no case be a substitute for medical treatment, nor to the opinion of a health professional. If you have the symptoms of a disease, see your doctor.

MaterialsSemi-precious stones
Stones and MineralsRock crystal
Virtues and benefitsStrength and courage, Protection / healing / purification
Type of stoneNatural stone
Main colortransparent
HeightLess than 10cm, 11 to 20cm
ShippingCheap shipping !
Object typeJewelry and Fashion Accessories
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