Box of 24 incense cones Backflow Goloka Chakra - Natural Indian Incense

Box of 24 incense cones Backflow Goloka Chakra - Natural Indian Incense

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To balance your chakras

Content: 1 convenient resealable box of 24 cones / Burning of a cone: 20 minutes.

Box size: height 9 x diameter 7cm / Dimensions of a cone: height 3.50 x about 1.50cm.

These cones are specially designed for incense fountains. The "backflow" incense cones have the distinction of being pierced. This causes a phenomenon of smoke release by suctioning down. They are to be used EXCLUSIVELY with the incense fountains provided for this purpose.

Enjoy the relaxing and harmonizing scent of Goloka's Chakra cones: the top to balance your chakras.

Light your reflux incense cone and watch the smoke cascading down along your fountain. A relaxing and mesmerizing show!

Indian natural incense

Like all Indian incense brands, Goloka has diversified its range with backflow cones!

With Goloka, we offer natural products, not tested on animals and manufactured in accordance with human ethical rules.

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7 Chakras
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Spicy, Floral
ENCE01483 Ch

Goloka is an indian company specialized in the manufacture of incense are 100% natural.

Less known than its competitors, Satya and Hem, Goloka enjoys an excellent reputation in India, where its cones of masalas (incense made from secret recipes or ancestral) are very much appreciated.

Incense Goloka are very characteristic and offer you a motionless journey as soon as the first puffs of smoke !

A brand to test absolutely for the regular users and advanced.

The little + in "sustainable development" : all the packaging of the brand Goloka are made from recycled paper.

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