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Bouquet 10 HEM scents

Set of 10 boxes = about 100 cones / Each box also contains a metal support to burn the cones.

- Precious patchouli (10 cones): made from rigorously selected patchoulis, this powerful incense, both woody, smoked and floral, is also a famous aphrodisiac.

- Precious amber (10 cones): the sweetness of vanilla associated with a varied bouquet of spices, a typical and exotic scent.

- Precious sandalwood (10 cones): "Precious Chandan" is the etandard holder of the HEM house, and also one of the most refined Indian incense. A very beautiful expression of sandalwood...

- Precious rose (10 cones): calming and purifying, with the magical fragrance of a thousand Roses in full bloom ...

- White sage (10 cones): The vegetal and refreshing scent of the white sage... An incense recommended for purification rituals.

- "Dragons blood" (10 cones): "The blood of dragons", this incense is made from rotang, an exotic fruit that is found practically only in India. It diffuses a powerful balsamic and spicy fragrance.

- Lotus (10 cones): a scent both floral and exotic, ideal to treat yourself to a moment of escape or a meditation break.

- Opium (10 cones): this incense based on floral resins, spices and olibanum diffuses a rich and complex fragrance that invites you to daydream.

- Olibanum (10 cones): also called "Frank Incense" or "olibanum", olibanum is made with the resin of a sacred tree. It is considered one of the best incense for meditation and purification.

- Myrrh (10 cones): another great incense classic! Made from an aromatic gum resin taken from a middle Eastern tree, it diffuses a powerful fragrance that has fascinated humanity for millennia.

Cones have an even purer smell than incense sticks (no stem) and are perfect for large spaces (rooms of 20m² and more).

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An XL assortment at a smart price to discover 10 different perfumes, must-haves of Indian incense.

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Object typeHome fragrances
Natural assetAmber, Sandalwood, Rose, Sage, Dragon's Blood, Lotus, Frankincense, Myrrh
Olfactory familiesAmber, Animal, Woody, Heady, Chypre, Spicy, Floral
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acheté  Par Isabelle D. le  14 Jan 2021 (Assortment cones "Top" 10 : 100 CONES HEM 10 perfumes) :


a la base je me suis trompé dans ma commande car je voulais l effet cascade mais je ne regrette pas car les parfums sont agréables

acheté  Par Mérédick G. le  14 Dec 2020 (Assortment cones "Top" 10 : 100 CONES HEM 10 perfumes) :

Assortiment 00 cones 10 parfum


acheté  Par Jean-Michel A. le  14 Jan 2020 (Assortment cones "Top" 10 : 100 CONES HEM 10 perfumes) :


Produit conforme

acheté  Par Jean-Claude M. le  28 Apr 2019 (Assortment cones "Top" 10 : 100 CONES HEM 10 perfumes) :

très satisfait

cônes aux senteurs très agréables, livraison rapide, très satisfait de mon achat

acheté  Par Charlyne A. le  15 Apr 2019 (Assortment cones "Top" 10 : 100 CONES HEM 10 perfumes) :

Très bien

Petits cônes faciles à utiliser, parfums très agréables

HEM Corporation is an indian company which exports its natural incense in the world.

Their sticks and incense cones are appreciated for the quality of the fragrances they provide, but also for the well-being they provide. Whether it is for a time of prayer and devotion, a massage session or relaxation, or simply to unwind after a day of work, you will certainly find an incense-HEM to give you that little moment of relaxation as expected !

All incense HEM are exclusively made from 100% natural ingredients such as powders of wood and flowers, medicinal plants, spices and essential oils.