Green Aventurine and Kambamba Jasper Clover Motif Earrings

Green Aventurine and Kambamba Jasper earrings with 4 leaf clover motif

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Dangling earrings in natural gemstones and clover symbol

Dimensions: Total length = approximately 6.5cm. Diameter of stone beads: 8mm. Material: hypoallergenic silver metal (zinc alloy) and natural gemstones. Weight: about 29g.

This pretty pair of earrings is made of two natural stones: green aventurine and kambamba jasper.

These two natural fine stones will bring you beneficial energies. The 4-leaf clover motif, symbol of luck, adds meaning to the charm of this jewel .

A jewel that combines Aventurine and Jasper, stones with many virtues

The benefits of green Aventurine

There are several varieties of aventurines in different colors, the most famous and widespread of which is green aventurine. Green aventurine takes its name from the Murano aventurine glass, because of its resemblance to it, but also because, like him, it was discovered by chance.

Specialists consider it an ideal stone to start in lithotherapy because its energy is soft and accessible to all.

Its main virtues:

  • Promotes well-being and inner peace,
  • Stimulates the capacity for introspection,
  • Sharpen patience and perseverance,
  • Personal development assistance,
  • Brings wisdom and self-confidence,
  • Calms stress and nervousness,
  • Reveals creativity.

The benefits of Jasper

Jasper is a stone from the group of monocrystalline quartz that is found in abundance in various regions of the globe. Always opaque and satin in appearance, jasper exists in a multitude of varied colors!

Its main virtues:

  • Powerful protector,
  • Promotes feelings of confidence and serenity,
  • Brings harmony and psychic balance,
  • Acts positively on sexuality (especially female),
  • Help to overcome difficulties and painful memories of the past.
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Object type
Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
Metal, Semi-precious stones
silver, green
Patterns & Symbols
Lucky clover
Stones and Minerals
Aventurine, Jasper
Virtues and benefits
Self-confidence & serenity, Protection / healing / purification, Anti-stress and relaxation, Strength and courage
Type of stone
Natural stone
Pearl size
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