Earrings in Labradorite and white Agate with symbol Ôm



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Jewelry spiritual : pair of earrings in precious stones and symbol Ôm (Aum)

Dimensions : total Length = 6.5 cm. Materials : stainless metal and hypoallergenic (zinc alloy) and semi-precious stones natural. Weight : 43g approx.

This adorable pair of earrings is beautifully decorated with a pearl in Labradorite and another white Agate genuine. These two stones are natural thin are both stylish and conducive to the positive energies of the lithotherapie. As for the spiritual side, a charm with the effigy of the symbol Ôm which, in the hindu religion, represents the vibration of a primitive divine of the universe. That is to say, the beginning of all things in this world.

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A jewel that combines the energies of Labradorite and white Agate

The benefits of the stone Labradorite in jewelry

Discovery in Labrador (Canada), this stone is recognizable among a thousand is known as the "Stone of health," or " stone doctor ". The labradorite acts as a shield on the psychic level and pushes the negative energies emitted by people suffering.

If you were to not remember a thing of this stone, it is the protection that it brings to our psyche. People empathetic, often have a tendency to absorb the negative energies emitted by individuals in great difficulty, and this can unsettle them in turn. The labradorite prevents this phenomenon and protects us from the evil of others. This is why it is recommended for those workers in the social sector or medical.

The labradorite is especially valued for its regenerative virtues and is, therefore, useful to recover from a severe fatigue, or disease trying.

Excellent stone for psychic protection for the sensitive people, the labradorite is recommended to the natives of the signs of Sagittarius, Fish, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, and Gemini.

According to the doctrine of Kundalini Yoga, the labradorite is primarily focusing on the 4th chakra (the heart), and can be used in combination with other stones to align the 5th and 6th chakras.

The benefits of the stone Agate into jewelry

Agate is a variety of quartz belonging to the family of the chalcedonies. It is distinguished by designs in concentric circles which adorn its surface.

The specialists of the lithotherapie appreciate the virtues rebalancing of the stone agate : it helps us to harmonize our energies mental and physical, while neutralizing the negative waves.

Since the dawn of time, the agate is also the stone of the superstitious : the romans liked to wear sumptuous costumes and agate to attract good fortune ; and in the middle ages, one protocol generally took shape agate to the horns of the oxen to get a good harvest...

According to the doctrine of Kundalini Yoga, the agate is usually attached to the second chakra (sacral chakra), related to the sexual energy, human relations, and creativity.

The meaning of the symbol Ôm in hinduism

The symbol Ôm (pronounced "Aum") comes to us from the hindu religion. It represents the vibration of a primitive of the universe, the sound of which is akin to the one produced when we pronounce a long "Aum". This vibration primitive would be at the origin of every thing in this world. The hindu version of the Big Bang in a few kinds.

Disclaimer : The indications, and properties listed here are taken from experiences of users and reference books in the field. The stones and the lithotherapie in general are therapies energy alternatives that can help you in everyday life, but their use shall in no case be a substitute for medical advice or to modern medicine.

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Object typeJewelry and Fashion Accessories
MaterialMetal, Semi-precious stones
Colorsilver, black, white
Patterns & SymbolsÔm symbol (Aum)
Stones and MineralsLabradorite, Agate
Virtues and benefitsMeditation, Harmonisation and balancing, Protection / healing / purification, Fortune & success
Type of stoneNatural stone
Pearl size8mm
Type of pearlsbowls
Clasp typehooks
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acheté  Par Sophie M. le  18 Jul 2021 (Earrings in Labradorite and white Agate with symbol Ôm) :

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acheté  Par Vanessa S. le  14 May 2021 (Earrings in Labradorite and white Agate with symbol Ôm) :


Le Om est légèrement gros sinon très belles boucle d'oreilles

acheté  Par Maxime S. le  22 Feb 2021 (Earrings in Labradorite and white Agate with symbol Ôm) :

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