Earrings symbol Ôm (Aum) - metallic silver

Earrings in Amethyst and rock Crystal pattern Lotus Flower

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Pair of earrings in semi-precious stones and natural symbol lotus flower

Dimensions : total Length = 6.5 cm. Material : silver-plated metal stainless and hypoallergenic (zinc alloy) and semi-precious stones natural. Weight : 29g approx.

This pretty pair of earrings is beautifully decorated with a pearl in Amethyst chevron and another in rock Crystal.

These two stones are natural thin are both stylish and conducive to the energies beneficial to the Lithotherapie. The motif Lotus Flower, the symbol of the spiritual accomplishment of the being, adds meaning to the charm of this jewel.

A jewel that combines stone Amethyst chevron Crystal rock

The benefits of the stone of Amethyst in jewelry

The amethyst is a lovely stone colour purple likely to have significant shades of tint, from the clear, practically translucent, the deep purple, almost opaque. Amethyst Chevron in particular is a combination of milky quartz and amethyst. It is a stone powerful that relaxes, calms and promotes a peaceful sleep.

The amethyst is a stone of serenity and spiritual well-being and psychic. Leonardo da Vinci wrote about it that it had the power to dispel evil thoughts and sharpen the intelligence." In fact, the amethyst is reputed to relieve the grief and relieve stress. It promotes concentration, meditation and creativity.

In astrology, amethyst is particularly recommended to the natives of the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces and Virgo.

According to the doctrine of Kundalini Yoga, the amethyst is mainly on the sixth chakra (called the "third eye"), and on the seventh chakra (chakra coronal).

The benefits of stone rock Crystal in jewel

The rock crystal is the name given to the most pure and translucent quartz. It is the mineral is the most widespread on earth, but also the stone queen of the lithotherapie.

The rock crystal is both a transmitter, a receiver, a purifier and amplifier of energies. This means that it emits its own energy, but also that it stores the energies of the surroundings, purifies and amplifies them before you redistribute them. The rock crystal is, therefore, particularly interesting when it is combined with other stones and minerals, because it will increase their influence in a positive way.

The rock crystal is widely used in the field of esotericism to increase the capacity of clairvoyance, intuition, or telepathy.

According to the doctrine of Kundalini Yoga, the action of the rock crystal is mainly at the level of the sixth chakra (coronal) and seventh chakra (third eye).

The Lotus flower : a strong symbol in Buddhism

This Lotus flower, although a very pretty pattern, have not been chosen by chance. In buddhism, it is the symbol of the purification of the spirit and fidelity to the buddhist precepts. A flower of lotus, flowers and open represents full enlightenment, self-awareness, and proof that beauty can emerge from the dirty waters and muddy.

Disclaimer : The indications, and properties listed here are taken from experiences of users and reference books in the field. The stones and the lithotherapie in general are therapies energy alternatives that can help you in everyday life, but their use shall in no case be a substitute for medical advice or to modern medicine.

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Jewelry and Fashion Accessories
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Metal, Semi-precious stones
silver, purple, transparent
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Flower, Lotus
Stones and Minerals
Amethyst, Rock crystal
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Meditation, Anti-stress and relaxation, Concentration and creativity, Protection / healing / purification, Spirituality and clairvoyance
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Natural stone
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