buy a dreamcatcher original cheap
buy a dreamcatcher original cheap
buy a dreamcatcher original cheap

Catch-dreams 60x25cm large model - Lemon Yellow

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Catcher dream indian yellow, also called sensor of dreams.

Total length = 60cm / Width = 25cm approximately. Diameter of the main ring = 16cm.

This sensor dream original is composed of 5 rings and feathers colourful.

The color "Lemon Yellow", trend and tart adds a touch of modernity to this object traditional native american art.

Handicraft hand made with real feathers.

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In the amerindian legend, the catches dreams, or dream catcher, woven like a spider's web, has the function to filter the dreams. Legend has it that the dreams pass through the web. The good dreams move towards the feathers, and stand out to stay in the room. The bad dreams are trapped in the beads until the sunrise of the day. The first ray of the sun, the light will burn. Originally, we suspended a catch dream in the cradle of new-born babies to protect them from nightmares. For the small one clung to the circle of eagle feathers, which symbolize courage and strength, whereas the small were for feathers of owl or owl, symbol of wisdom.

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This original dream catcher is composed of 5 rings and colorful feathers. The color "Lemon Yellow" adds a touch of modernity to this traditional object of Native American art. Handmade, with real feathers.
Total length about 60cm / Width about 25cm. Diameter of the main ring about 16cm.
This article may present slight imperfections and differences in appearance compared to the photographed model, proof of its artisanal origin and its authenticity.
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