Merkaba pendulum in Labradorite and tip in Rock Crystal



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Merkaba pendulum in Labradorite and point in natural rock crystal

Pendulum length 7cm / diameter 2cm. Chain length 19cm. Total length pendulum + chain 26cm.

The merkaba pendulum is a dowsing instrument very powerful in energy. It unifies the body, soul and spirit.


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The Merkaba pendulum in natural stone: a dowsing instrument promoting inter-dimensional travel

Merkaba comes from "Sea" which means Light, from "Ka" which means Spirit and from "Ba" which means Body. The definition of Mer-Ka-Ba therefore means that the body and mind are light.

Energy field generated by the rapid rotation of geometric shapes, called sacred, the Merkaba consists of 2 tetrahedra that are nested in each other on the same vertical axis, allowing to unify the body, the soul and the spirit.
It has 8 peaks and helps to access other levels of reality, other dimensions.

The Merkaba pendulum makes it possible to reach its full potential. It promotes protection and healing. It is effective in finding answers to questions about consciousness and mind. It improves the bond between soul and matter.

Usable by all, the Merkaba pendulum is particularly aimed at experienced mediums and dowsers.

THE stone of protection

Labradorite is nicknamed "Caregiver's Stone" or "Doctor's Stone" because it acts as a shield and repels negative energies emitted by suffering people. This allows caregivers to practice their profession without being too psychologically impacted by the malaise of their patients.

Virtues of lithotherapy of labradorite stone

"Armor stone", "shield stone" are other nicknames of labradorite.

If you were to remember only one thing from this stone, it is the protection it offers to our psyche. Empathetic people often tend to absorb negative energies emitted by individuals in great difficulty, which in turn can destabilize them. Labradorite prevents this phenomenon by protecting us from the discomfort of others. That is why it is the favorite stone of workers in the social and medical sector.

On the physical level, labradorite is particularly appreciated for its regenerative virtues and will therefore be useful to recover from a big fatigue, or a trying disease.

Zodiac signs associated with labradorite stone

Labradorite is recommended for natives of the signs of Sagittarius, Pisces, Cancer, Virgo, Libra and Gemini.

Chakra on which the labradorite stone acts

Labradorite acts mainly on the 4th chakra (of the heart), and can be used in combination with other stones to harmonize the 5th and 6th chakras.

Purification and recharging of labradorite

Labradorite is not compatible with salt purification, or without direct contact.

To purify your clocks or stones rolled in labradorite, you can for example dip them for a few hours in water (ideally demineralized or very slightly salted), then wipe them with a clean cloth.

To recharge them with energy, expose them to sunlight for 2 to 3 hours. Labradorite can also recharge when placed on a pile of rock crystal or amethyst.

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Object typeJewelry and Fashion Accessories
MaterialSemi-precious stones
Colortransparent, silver, grey
Patterns & SymbolsStar
Stones and MineralsRock crystal, Labradorite
Type of stoneNatural stone
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