Sephoroton pendulum in Onyx (Black Agate).

Sephoroton pendulum in Onyx (Black Agate).

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Dowsing pendulum, sephoroton style, onyx with chain "7 chakras".

Pendulum length 4cm / diameter 2cm. Chain length 20cm. Total length pendulum + chain 24cm. The chain is decorated with pearls in the colors of the 7 chakras.

The onyx sephoroton pendulum is suitable for all types of work (divination, magnetism, geobiology...).

The so-called "sephoroton" pendulum shape is appreciated by dowsers because it benefits from a high sensitivity to vibrations, which makes it a very precise tool.

The pendulum can be easily separated from its chain and worn as a pendant (ram hole = 7mm).

A stone of anchorage, strength and stability, Onyx will help you balance your physical, psychic and spiritual energies during your esoteric experiences.

Onyx is a very dense and hard stone, but soft to the touch. Deep and shiny black, it is both hypnotic and full of mystery... A stone that already fascinated our distant ancestors of Greece, Rome, and Egypt!

In your opinion, is this pendulum rather a purely esoteric tool? Or a delicately mystical jewel?

This information is given as an indication, and can in no way constitute medical advice, nor engage our responsibility. The properties, indications and mode of use of the minerals mentioned here are derived in particular from reference works in lithotherapy.

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