Pendulum, rock crystal, dowsing, esoteric divination.
Pendulum, rock crystal, dowsing, esoteric divination.

Pendulum Crystal of rock, cone shape polished.

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Pendulum dowsing crystal of natural rock.

Length of the pendulum 2.5 cm / diameter 1.5 cm. Length of chain 18.5 cm. Total length pendulum + chain 21cm.

The pendulum crystal of rock is suitable for all types of work (divination, set, map searches, etc.). It is considered as one of the most easy-to-use, and is therefore recommended to novices.

The rock crystal is a mineral naturally transmitter, receiver and amplifier of positive energies. It neutralizes the negative waves.

The scholars of esotericism and enthusiasts of minerals, consider the rock-crystal as a stone especially powerful and protective, which can help each person, regardless of his zodiac sign or his spiritual sensitivity.

This is why the pendulum rock crystal is an excellent choice for any person a novice to the practice of dowsing.

These information data are indicative, and shall not in any case constitute medical advice, nor to engage our responsibility. The properties, indications and mode of use of the minerals mentioned are, in particular, from reference books in lithotherapie.

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